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Nov 15, 2006 02:18 PM

Bangkok Garden re-opening...finally!

After being closed for a year and a half (due to the extensive renovations to the Elmwood Spa), Bangkok Garden is finally going to open their doors this Friday, November 17. I'm so freakin' happy!!!

They claim that they have returned to their authentic Thai roots which is reflected in the new menu. "Large portions of the menu will be comprised of our original dishes from the eighties."

The chef, William Thetsombandith, was part of the original team of chefs at Bangkok Garden.

They say the highlights of their new menu are classic curries like pineapple shrimp with curry, warrior's beef curry, and emeral curry of chicken. But what makes me happiest is the noodle bar! I missed that so much. Very street foodish, IMO.

Anyway, can't wait to try them out again. We'll try to go this Saturday. I'll review after! :-)

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  1. good news, do you know if the little lunch spot downstairs, noodles, soup bar and take-out will be re-opening as well?

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    1. re: tartetatin

      Unfortunately, I think the lunch spot is gone, judging from what I can see through the doors. It looks like there's only one entrance, and right inside the entrance is a staircase to the upper floor.

      I miss that soup....

    2. Any word on whether their fantastic lunch buffet of several years ago will return?

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      1. re: xtal

        Yum... many years ago I worked in the Atrium on Bay and the buffet at Bangkok Garden was one of my favourite lunches, particularly because of the wonderful street noodle soup station. The soup lady was such a sweet woman and I loved chatting with her as she made my soup to order. I still think about that soup every now and then.

      2. I have no confirmation on whether the lunch spot will be re-opening or if they'll still offer the lunch buffet. Due to the renovation, I'm not even sure if the lunch place is still there. I'll find out on Saturday. I'm assuming the lunch buffet would still be a go, I'm sure they made a lot of money on that. Once again, I'll confirm that on Sat.

        TorontoJo: I used to work at Yonge/College and my coworkers & I would often walk down to Elm Street for the buffet. Generally though, the only thing I would eat was the noodle soup; frequently going up for refills 4 or 5 times, rofl! But hey, at least I changed my ingredient choices every so often. :-)

        1. That soup station was absolutely delicious. My favourite part of the whole experience.

          1. what are the prices like at Bangkok.. theyre website still says they are not open and doesnt have a menu or anything on it..

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              The restaurant was one of the more expensive Thai restaurants in Toronto. The lunch spot was reasonably priced: I don't recall ever spending more than $10.00 for lunch there.

              1. re: The Berserker

                When I worked in Bangkok I had a Thai colleague who talked about this place. He had been taken there on a biz trip and said it was great. High praise indeed!