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Nov 15, 2006 02:16 PM

Two vegetarians visit SF

Looking for advice on dining in SF. We are vegetarians but do not require an all veg menu. Any place that offers 2-3 thoughtful veg options would be fine. So far my considerations are Delfinas, Myth, Limon, Aziza, Quince and Bar Tartine. I do not like Greens. Any feedback and or other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Aziza
    Cafe Gratitude
    Medicine New-Shogin Eatstation
    Ala Turka

    1. Cha-Ya, vegetarian Japanese.

      1. In addition to the obvious recommendations (mine would be Gratitude and Cha-Ya) I'd also recommend one of my personal favorites, Mekong - a little Thai place in the Tenderloin which has vegan options for 90% of the menu (AMAZING fake meat and also non-meat dishes. Their yellow pumpkin curry is to die for, and the owner and waiter are extremely hospitable.

        I'd also recomment Marnee Thai at 9th and Irving (Pra-ram tofu is incredible), Zazie in Cole Valley (usually several interesting veggie options, with a really nice atmosphere), and, although I havent yet made it there, Incanto seems like they do some unique veggie stuff.

        1. Head over to Berkeley and try Vik's Chaat Corner. 4th and Allston, just off the University Exit. Excellent Indian chaat. Not much for ambience, but the food is well worth it. While you're in Berkeley, head over to Shattuck Ave and troll the various eateries (this is where the Cal-cuisine movement started).

          1. Have you ever been to Millenium? I'm a non-veggie who goes there with all my out of town vegetarian friends and family. They insist that there is nothing else like it anywhere and they love it. Even though it is gourmet destination type place, it can be a casual if you want it to be.

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              What do you personally think about the food at Millennium?

              I had one of the most memorably bad meals of my life there three years ago.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I found the food at Millenium to be very creative, but not terribly memorable.