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Rendered Leaf Lard

Looking for rendered leaf lard as opposed to rendered pork fat from any part of the hog's body.

I know it is available by mail order, but would much prefer to buy in in town.

Any ideas?

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  1. I don't know where you can get it, but there was a very cool article on fat choices and pie crust in the NY Times today


    GL with the Leaf lard hunt!


    1. Leaf lard is the real deal but, as the NY Times piece points out, very difficult to find. I just talked to the Maloney Meat Company, and they can get it from Farmer John's. However, it may require them to buy a much larger amount than the couple of pounds I need for home use. (They're checking on the minimum purchase right now.) If enough people contact them, we may be able to get it, so please call right away if you're interested:

      Maloney Meat Company
      3255 Firestone Boulevard
      South Gate, California 90280
      Telephone: 323-249-1342
      Fax: 323-563-1654

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        Does Farmer John's really sell leaf lard? I thought they made the hydrogenated stuff that comes in the red box (which is definitely not leaf lard). But maybe they sell both??

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          Maloney's assured me yesterday that it's not the stuff that Farmer John's usually sells at the supermarket. FJ is one of the largest pork producers and has plenty of leaf lard, but they only ship it on request, because of the lack of interest in the product. The older gentleman I spoke to at Maloney's seemed to be very familiar with leaf lard and its uses. I hope people who want it are calling!

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            I called and spoke to Mr. Maloney. He has fond memories of his mothers raisin pie, made with Muscat raisins!

      2. I'll definitely give them a call. This sounds great--I'm sure the leaf lard would make some incredible biscuits, too! If they end up making you buy a large amount, perhaps we could split something...

        1. Apparently, it's easier to find an honest politician than pure leaf lard.

          John Maloney, the president of Maloney Meat, has been very helpful but, unfortunately, reports that Farmer John no longer carries leaf lard, which spoils quickly. He gave me a contact over there for further information, so I called, but the only recommendation was to try some of the small pig farmers in the Chino area.

          Mr. Maloney recommended another local meat company to try, and I also called Alexander's Prime Meats in San Gabriel (which has caul fat but not leaf lard) and Marconda's Meat at the LA Farmers Market. Nothing, anywhere.

          Finally, I checked with Surfas, which doesn't have it, of course, but their food buyer is looking into availability.

          I notice that the NY Times piece ranks second on the paper's list of popular articles today. Anyone know a Chino pig farmer?

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            This is why I ended up ordering from Dietrich's Meats in PA last year. None of the butchers I talked to could get it. I ordered about 10 lbs and it arrived perfectly fine. Most is still in my freezer. Great stuff.

          2. A discussion of a Carlsbad source for leaf lard has been moved to the California board. You can find it here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/343631

            Another subthread about the Sab Francisco Bay Area has been moved here:

            1. I finally reached the Surfas food buyer, and she's trying to find a source for us. I told her that Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad has it frozen (which I have confirmed by telephone) but that many of us would like to find it closer to Los Angeles. She will call them and let me know what she can do.

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                Mel, thanks for your legwork and vigilant reporting.

              2. You can order leaf lard online from Flying Pigs Farm:

                They're on the east coast (NY State) and you'll have to render it yourself (they include instructions) but, hey – at least they have it!

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                1. re: GG Mora

                  Flying Pigs is awesome - top quality stuff.
                  (NYer weighing in here - I buy their meat at my local farmer's market)

                  1. re: pitu

                    Flying Pigs has an interesting website, still "under construction."
                    They have pictures of free ranging pigs in a clean environment, and state "humanely raised and handled," - other good reasons to buy their products.

                2. Anybody tried Huntington Meats in Farmer's Market? They seem to have practically everything or can get it.

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                    I went by this Market today, and the man said they do not have it. However, I would try again by phone, and maybe ask for the boss.

                  2. I just picked up a couple of pounds of leaf lard at the Carlsbad store. See the split thread for details at:


                    1. I just spoke with Alex at the market in Alpine Village (http://www.alpinevillage.net/market.htm ), and he claimed that he can order 50 lbs. of leaf lard with one week's notice, fwiw.

                      1. I went through this about a year ago... but I was looking for the leaf itself, so that I could render it fresh at home. No luck. I searched everywhere. Drove and called everywhere on the westside, the valley and the near parts of LA. Zilch. Even no luck in Monetrey Park/SG area! Finally at Vicente Foods the fellow said that he could get some.

                        He was very friendly, but all that he was able to get was LAMB leaf. He said that his distributor assured him that fat doesn't carry the flavor, only the meat does. Lamb leaf would suffice for my purposes.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) <-- those are alarm bells ringing in my head. I am no super expert, but I have worked in restaurants cooking or waiting for 9 years and have cooked pretty avidly for much longer. I managed to not show my shock and awe at such a gross malfeasance. I was already there at the store, and he offered around 1 and half pounds for free so I took it. I console myself with the supposition that he wasn't truly ignorant, he was just busy and wanted to be done with it. Of course the fat stunk like wet sheep when I rendered a small portion against my better judgement. Moral, stick to your instincts and stick with pork.

                        I never did find the pork leaf though. I was also looking for caul fat. I did find one source for that... Ranch 99 in the Valley (victory/sepulveda I think?). Its frozen in packages weighing ~2 lbs. in the section where they have goat and other goodies. I have tried rendering some of this when I had no leaf and I wanted a delicate pork fat. It works quite well. The low cost of the Caul fat at Ranch 99 makes experimentation easy! I think a pack was ~$5-7? I have used around 4 times (not recently though) and 3 out of the four time the fat tasted great! One time it tasted no so fresh. In the future I will soak/thaw the caul in a salt brine to "cleanse" it before rendering or using as is.

                        Well, I for one hope that a local source of HQ leaf and caul fat appears!! And some cheeks while we're at it?! ;-)