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Nov 15, 2006 01:49 PM

fish market in the East Village or SoHo?

I commute to and from the East Village via the Lexington Avenue line, and I'm sick of going all the way to Citarella at 6th ave. and 8th st. to buy fish and then walking to Union Square. There has to be a solution to my fish needs that involves less shelpping. As for Whole Foods, I've never been impressed by the looks of their fish, plus the prices aren't so good. Any alternative suggestions?

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  1. As creepy as it may seem (or really, smell), I've had some delicious fish from the Chinatown fishmarkets, particularly the one on the south side of Canal just east of Bayard. It might stink, but the fish and the prices are yums.

    1. Gramercy Fish Market on 22nd and 2nd is a good bet.

      1. Dean and Deluca is on the 6 line. I am not saying it's great, but it's an alternative.