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Nov 15, 2006 01:36 PM

Freezing Chocolate Truffles

Can you do it? If not, how long will they stay fresh. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry to hijack your post but... If you do freeze them how long do you have to eat them once they've thawed? And does chocolate coating them (as opposed to just cocoa make a difference to longevity?

    I've been thinking about makinga load at Christmas and don't want to force people to eat stacks in one go if it can be avoided!

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    1. re: ali patts

      I have been making truffles for 6 years and during the Christmas Holidays make as many as 60 pounds for my regular clients....I use large Glad containers, lots of good aluminum foil and Glad clingwrap...each year I learn or do something different...I line the plastic containers with foil, then plastic wrap(enough to cover each level), the truffles are refrigerated and I put them into candy cups. I then put them into lined container and cover with foil and plastic wrap, ending with both, put lid on and tape lid with heavy tape and write type of truffle on type...if dipped in cocoa or powdered sugar as well as chocolate coated, I usually start making my truffles in June....this is the first year I put the truffles in cups and it made such a big difference when packing my orders...this method works perfectly for me and the truffles are absolutely can not tell they have been frozen! Hope this helps! Linda

      1. re: lala27858

        click on the pic and you can see my 6 month frozen truffles! lol Linda

    2. With freezing, you should be concerned about surface condensation when they thaw. If they are rolled in cocoa, that cocoa might absorb the moisture and need another coating. If they are dipped, you'll get wet chocolates. You might be able to avoid this by making the temperature change a slow one - move to fridge first, them room temperature. Or they might be better off wrapped well and refrigerated, they should last at least a few weeks.