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Nov 15, 2006 01:09 PM

sourcing home-cooked thanksgiving in london

hello hounds,

i'm planning to have a few folks over next week for turkey, etc. was wondering a couple of things:

1) can you get raw cranberries round these parts? haven't seen them in the tesco, the sainsbury's, or the local markets.

2) is there a particularly good source for turkeys? preferably in the central or eastern areas, but will travel.

thanks in advance!

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  1. I have seen fresh cranberries in just about every supermarket I have been in in the last couple of weeks

    Waitrose certainly has some and so does the Sainsbury's in Islington ( I just looked )

    So, it may be worth asking or visiting one of the larger stores ( although the Tesco Metro at the Angel also had some just now )

    They are pretty common place so should not be too hard to find

    Most of the good butchers will be able to help on the Turkey front.

    Lidgates will certainly have good specimens as will Allen's on Mount St in Mayfair ( butchers to the Queen )

    James Elliott on Essex Rd is a good call as well

    Finally, if you are heading down to Borough market, I suspect you will find both of the things you need. The Furness Farm people do the best chickens I try anywhere. So, if they are doing turkey's I am sure they will be good.

    hope this helps


    1. If you can't find fresh cranberries, Tesco now has them frozen. I often froze bags of cranberries back in the States, and they work fine when defrosted. Don't forget to make something with sweet potatoes or yams if it's to be a real American Thanksgiving. :-) My problem has always been finding small pearl onions for a dish I've always made, but this time of year the small, pickling onions work the same way. I do miss the bags of American stuffing mix....

      1. thanks, guys, these are a huge help. will try to find something larger than my rinky-dink locals, and try frozen if i can't get fresh. borough market turkey sounds great as well.

        1. Turkeys and all the trimmings...try this guy--I haven't tried him myself, but I've heard good things. American butcher in Surrey...


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            Lordy, what a small world. I live about 10 minutes from that American butcher and had no idea he had U.S. beef etc.!! I will definitely swing by there one day soon and take a look. I am really craving a good steak. Thanks so much for the website.

          2. There is a fantastic butcher in Wapping, E1W, named Hussey's. He has a long list for pre-ordered Thanksgiving birds but may have extras. He does specialty birds, bronze kelly being our choice. expensive, but worth every penny.