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Nov 15, 2006 11:46 AM

Real coffee in City of London?

I've been working in the City for 3 years and still every morning I despair at the lack of a good cappucino or cafe con leche. Having just returned from 4 "cafe cortado, por favor" filled days in Barcelona (what excellent cafes!), I really despair at being relegated back to the London coffee chains. Is there anywhere to get a reasonable Italian or Spanish coffee in the City, ideally between Bank and Cannon St Station?

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  1. as a matter of fact, you can get a excellent cup of coffee at leonidas chocolate, 21 copthall avenue.

    not exactly between bank and cannon but very close - 5 minute walk. very worth it.

    1. There is the Italian coffee stand across the street from Starbucks by Liverpool St. station. If you are walking to Spitafields from the station you can't miss it. I think it is called Mr. Frothy, or something like that (Illy sign on the stand). It is by far the best coffee I have had during my stay in this city.

      1. Thank you Howler for your recommendation. Leonida's does serve excellent coffee; I had a mocchiato this morning that was very fine. I only wish they would move their shop closer to my office near Monument. They have something called Manon caffe - - never heard of it before. Are there other providers in the City?

        Haven't had the chance to try out Mr. Frothy yet. Other recs would be welcome.

        1. there are other leonidas around - but the italian who runs the shop you tried is a proper martinet - he trains the ladies very well.

          and when hes manning the machine ... ah well.

          now i need to find something equivalent in westminster.

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            Whilst Leonidas is good, there is better coffee to be had in the City of London. 'Angolo a Sud' in Leadenhall market is a small shop run by some italians from Sardinia, as far as I am concerned one of the best coffees in London, never mind the City.

            You will not be disappointed.

            1. re: cypman

              I enjoyed a cappuccino this morning from Angolo a Sud. It was pretty good, but not awesome. I need to try their espresso for a proper test.

          2. sounds like a great tip! unfortunately, i'm in parliament square now - any tips around here?

            also - i dig monmouths coffee a lot, though its been sliding downhill recently.