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Boxed kosher chicken broth?

We live in an area without a great selection of kosher food, so I'm not sure if such a product exists or not. The only kosher chicken broth I can buy here is Manashewitz and Rokeach, both of which are very salty and have MSG. I end up using the imagine fake chicken instead, but does anyone make a good quality prepared chicken broth?

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  1. I've seen Tabachnik (sp?) boxed chicken, and beef broths with a hechsher. I haven't tried them, but when I asked about them on another board, someone said that they were also very high in sodium.

      1. It's actually a mailing list, not a message board -
        the jewish-food list.
        The recipe archives which are open to everyone, are at http://www.jewishfood-list.com/
        There is information on that site about how to join the list, where members exchange kosher recipes, and kosher food info.
        Once you join, you have access to the message archive as well, which contains many more recipes than the recipe archive, as well as other kosher food info. I've been a member for quite a while, and it's a great list.

        1. Considering how cheap and accessable salt is I never quite understood why soups have such a huge quantity of salt - some as much as 50% RDA. There are plenty of people around that have to limit their salt intake that it makes sense to ease up on it and let the consumer decide just how salty they like their soups.

          1. I just tried the Tabatchnik broth. I would recommend cutting it in half with water - the sodium content is way high. But I liked the taste slightly better than Manischewitz canned broth.

            1. You might also try the Imagine brand Organic No-Chicken Chicken Broth. It really is savory and good and roast-chickeny, and is high in Vitamin A, low in sodium, and pareve.

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                That's what I meant when I said I was using the 'Imagine fake chicken' (!)

              2. I recently tried the Tabatchnik chicken broth and though its ingredient list is more wholesome, it still has the same canned taste as Manischewitz and Rokeach.

                I'd recommend making the simple homemade broth featured in "The New Best Recipe" and freezing it convenient portions. Just can't beat it.

                1. I agree with Jabbett. I recently bought the Tabatchnik chicken broth in a box and thought that it tasted just as artificial as the canned stuff. I too make homemade chicken broth which I freeze in quart containers. In a pinch, I can always make a vegetable broth. If my soup has a lot of vegetables and herbs, I would prefer to use water as a base than the boullion cubes or cans.

                  1. We use a powdered vegetarian broth we get from Whole Foods. They have two brands (not at the same time, but we've found two suppliers there over the years), and I think the kosher one is made by Frontier. It may be kaf-k, I forgot. It makes a decent base and is much better than the chemical-filled imitation meat brands.

                    Whole Foods also sells a vegetarian broth in a cardboard box/can, found with the liquid soups. I think the brand was Pacific. Their veggie broth is kosher, too. Unfortunately, it tastes too vegetable-y to use as a straight substitute for chicken broth. For some recipes it would be great, for others too strong. So you can try a box and see.

                    A few years ago I used a wonderful brand which was packaged as a semiliquid, wasn't too expensive, and was made with real meat and chicken fat but I haven't seen it in years and unfortunately can't recall the name.

                    1. reduce some home made chicken soup and freeze it?

                      1. I like GoodMan's Noodleman Noodle Soup It is U Pareve type kosher. It comes in a low sodium variety. Its sodium is listed at 95 mg. and only1 gm fat. My husband likes it. We use it to make soups with a nice chicken broth. It doesn't say chicken but it is low sodium.