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Nov 15, 2006 10:41 AM

banh cuon(g) at a banh mi shop?


so a while ago i posted asking about banh cuong in the city. i have this vietnamese american friend who is moving away soon, and he wanted to find this dish. i found the suggestions here about...uh..was it hung ky? anyways that dinner never worked out for various reasons. however, my friend has now eaten banh cuong twice in a row at a sandwhich shop. it was for sale behind the counter and it passed muster, at least for him. he couldn't remember the exact name, but he said the word "baguette," so i'm assuming it's the baguette express on larkin. i was wondering if anyone has tried it here, or even seen it, and if it indeed passes muster.

amusing anecdote: he said that one of the women working there kept pressuring this customer to meet her niece, and he eventually put his foot down and said, "look, if you have a nephew, that might be another matter. but I am GAY." my friend started laughing on the side, and the guy realized that he could understand what they were saying (in vietnamese, of course), but the woman just laughed it off. no, he can't understand. so anyways if you are a cute vietnamese male, these people may try to play matchmaker with you. completely irrelevant, but i'm quite tipsy. so has anyone experienced this? the banh cuong, i mean. i don't care about her niece.


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  1. Saigon Sandwiches usually has it. My boyfriend is always lamenting the lack of good banh cuon in SF, but he says that SS's is probably the best he's had in the city.

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        Saigon's banh cuon are pretty good for a fix, but my vote for SF banh cuon still goes to Hung Ky.

        Augustiner, thanks for adding the funny anecdote :)

    1. i havent had the banh cuong at baguette express, but i have had the banh mi, which i enjoyed a lot. everyone seems to like saigon sandwich, but I prefer the banh mi at B.E. (though its been so long since i've been to either, I couldnt tell you why).

      1. Funny story, but I don't think you should stay up so late!

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          occupational hazard of bartending. thanks everyone for the saigon recs.

        2. I've had the Banh Cuon at Saigon Sandwiches and its pretty good. They're pre-made packages at the counter.

          Problem is that the last time I was there, it was during the lunch rush, and they were out. Maybe call first, before going to make sure they have some. 415.474.5698.