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what are your favourite cheeses? why? how did you discover them?
where do you go to buy your cheese? what would be on your ideal cheeseboard?

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  1. My favorite cheeseboard was at Sheridan's Cheesemonger's shop in Galway. They presented with an Irish cheddar; a very sharp Stilton; a mild brie served with chutney and almonds and grapes. It was perfection. Cheese trays are simple to prepare and lovely to look at. Find a shop that let's you sample and go with what you like; add some fruit and nuts; and some nice wine and you're all set. I happen to like a pear wine with cheese, but it's often difficult to find.

    1. have you tried stinking bishop before, the washed rind cheese that's washed in a perry?

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        Yes, I use it for my twice baked two cheese souffles (with roquefort), I don't think it's that stinky though and as a general rule I don't like washed rind cheeses. Although I do like cider and perry.

        My favourite cheese is sadly no longer made (or made as well - possibly) it is/was called pencarrig, a welsh camenbert, truly delicious, slightly nutty and not as pungent as camenbert. Beautiful with apples, first eaten as a dessert option in a Welsh coutnry house. I miss it. (The maker was injured/killed in a tractor accident as far as I am aware and the cheese was never the same when made by others.)

        As for cheese board now, Montgomery cheddar (if it's good I'm very picky over my cheddar so might choose another if it's better at the time), Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire (young if possible), Elmhirst (by the Sharpham dairy - I'd get Sharpham itself but no-one in London seems to sell it. Elmhirst is milder and creamer - a beautiful cheese but I prefer Sharpham), probably a rosemary coated peroche (soft goats - my dad thinks it is tasteless). I might also add Colston Bassett stilton (small quantity as I'm not a big blue fan), maybe some mountain gorgonzola (the kind that needs a spoon), possibly some parmesan depending on source and flavour.

        The problem I have is that there are too many to choose as I'm missing a ewes cheese, there's no hard or blue goats. There's no gouda which I adore but have to walk past at the supermarket as it is dangerous to my wasteline...

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          I think Berkswell is a very tasty ewe's milk cheese with a kind of toffee taste.

      2. A few of my favorite cheeses would be for a mild cheese. Fromager d'Affinois, a mild soft cheese, similiar to Brie. It taste good with walnuts or a red pepper jelly. Also for a mild cheese I like Teleme, which is made in Maine and is dusted with a rice flour; mild with a smooth tart flavor.

        For a not so mild cheese I like Blacksticks Blue which is a British Blue cheese colored orange. It has a nice earthy flavor and taste good with honey or sweet apple. I also like Morbier which is a semi-soft cheese with a vegetable flavor. It has a gray line in the middle made of ash. It's pungent and aromatic and is great in sandwiches.

        For a strong cheese, I like Valdeon blue cheese from Spain. It's a blend of cow and goat milk, wrapped in chestnut skins; taste tart, and good in salads. Beechtree Mountian is a strong Swiss Cheese and has a assertive flavor that makes the roof of your mouth tingle. Great on its own or in a sandwich. My new favorite in this catagory is Langhe la Tur, made from a combination of sheep, cow, and goat milk. Its soft and spreadable with a buttery texture. Would be great on a cheese plate.

        I discovered them by visiting local cheese shops, and cheese farms, tasting and talking to the professionals.

        Chowhound is the only discussion board I have time for, and would be curious about what cheese discussion boards are out there.

        1. I'm not really a big fan of Montgomerys as i found it a bit bitter, I prefer Keen's.

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            I probably agree, but I also think it's a bit tang-ier and I like that!

          2. I just rememembered another sheeps cheese that is amazing.
            fleur de marquis. it's from Corsica and a soft cheese covered in herbs and it is incredible.

            1. Cowgirl creamery has a pretty informative 'library of cheese'.


              1. I was introduced to all the cheese I love by tasting the things in my local cheese monger's case.


                Blues are my favourite catagory and I really haven't met one I didn't like. I've been known to do a full tray of nothing but blues and serve up some good Tokaji and Sauterne. But, if forced to choose, my top choices are:

                Creamy: Smuggler's Blue (richer, almost stilton), St. Agur and Bleu D'Auvergne
                Sweet: Gorgonzola Dolce
                Salty/Sharp: Cabrales or Valdeon

                Hards and semi-hards:
                Mimolette -- especially the extra old for its hazelnut and fruit undertones.
                A certain 10 year old Gouda my local perveyor carries -- tasted much like mimolette for 1/2 price.

                Taleggio, Mi Careme, Rouy

                Not a general fan of this catagory as I dislike the musty note in many, particularly French, semi-softs or soft cheese.

                Explorateur, Charouce

                I guess I'm a caseophile.

                1. mimolette is incredible looking isn't is? It's the ahrdest cheese to cut with a wire in the world though. my username is taken form my favourite blue cheese. it is from the basque region and they sold it in the shop I worked in but as far as I am aware it is the only shop in britain that sells it.

                  1. I love Cypress Grove's Midnight Moon. Its an aged sheep's milk cheese. With ripe black mission figs, toasted almonds, and tawny port...

                    1. I live in Seattle and for a short stint worked for a company called Beecher's Cheese http://www.beechershandmadecheese.com/
                      it is located in Pike Place Market on the water in downtown Seattle. Pretty cool, the kiddos can even watch them make cheese!

                      I love eating cheese but need to do a better job committing all the names to memory!

                      I will say this much: one of my favorite combinations in the world (for an appetizer) is a wedge of cambazola and roasted garlic. Drizzle with olive oil and serve with good, artisan bread.


                      1. My cheese horizon expanded exponentially when a specialty cheese shop opened in our area. Memorable discoveries there include
                        Humboldt Fog goat cheese,
                        3 yr aged Gouda,
                        Cato Farm Farmstead cheeses,
                        Canadian Cheddar,
                        ....hopefully many more to come.

                        1. I am trying to plan my Christmas cheeseboard at the moment.
                          I am thinking of comte, manchego, caprini fresci, zulu koloria, morbier, fleur de marquis, camembert calvados and epoisses with quince "cheese" and walnuts.

                          I remembered another delicious sheep cheese, wigmore. so good when it is ripe, especially with cox apples.

                          1. Some, I stumble on because they're local. Tade Lake Cedar from Love Tree Farmstead is local and wonderful. As is Shepard's Way cheeses.

                            1. Blue. blue, blue. I love blue cheese. Haven't met one yet that I've truly disliked. My current love is Roaring Forties Blue, but I'm fickle. That can change the next time I taste something new.

                              1. I had a cheese dinner a few years ago where I tried to match a cheese with wine and an accompaniment from it’s region. For example:

                                Cheese: Comte
                                Region: Franche-Comte
                                Wine: Northern Rhone (Syrah)
                                Accompaniment: Regional Salami

                                Cheese: Chaource
                                Region: Champagne
                                Wine: Blanc du Blanc Champagne
                                Accompaniment: None

                                Cheese: Taleggio
                                Region: Lombardy
                                Wine: Pinot Nero (Noir)
                                Accompaniment: Green Tomato Sauce

                                Cheese: Chevre
                                Region: Loire Vallee
                                Wine: Sancerre
                                Accompaniment: None

                                Cheese: Munster
                                Region: Alsace
                                Wine: Regional Pinot Gris
                                Accompaniment: Caraway seeds

                                I also added what kind of milk that the cheese was made from.

                                In some cases the pairings worked while in others it didn’t but it was all very interesting.

                                  1. I never used to be a feta person -- the regular stuff is too strong (though I do like other strong cheeses.) However, I've discovered the raw feta from Keswick Creamery, which is sold at my local farmer's market, and the feta from Blue Ridge Dairy, which is so creamy and delicious I've been putting it with everything possible, or just eating it as a snack, since first tasting it on Sunday, lol.