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Nov 15, 2006 05:31 AM

dinner near ahmanson theater

need recs for dinner before a show at the ahmanson theater... i want something somewhat fancy but not crazy expensive like patina. few of my ideas were cafe pinot? grill lyon..can't think of anything else. please help!

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  1. Tesoro Trattoria for Italian. It's situated under MOCA with a pretty courtyard and waterfall. The pastas, seafood, and salads are pretty good, as are the desserts. You can sit outside, inside, or at the bar.

    1. Go a little ways away and eat in Little Tokyo.

      Or Chinatown.

      Then cab over to Little Pedro's for a dollar beer.

      1. We had dinner at Noe in the Omni Hotel on Sunday evening and really enjoyed the experience. It's about a block and a half from the Ahmanson. You can valet your car at the hotel, walk to the Music Center and then walk back. With validation I think parking was $5 for the entire evening.

        I thought the prices were fair for a hotel restaurant and the setting was beautiful. The bar and lounge area is really cool with great comfortable seating and atmospheric lighting.

        Noe and the lounge are all on the hotel's third level which is street level at Grand Avenue, i.e. the same level as the Music Center. So you arrive at the hotel valet parking off Olive, park, go up two stories in the hotel elevator and there's Noe through the bar.

        I'd recommend the crab and asparagus rolls as an appetizer and the salmon with gnocci and English peas for a main course. The chocolate mousse cake was absolutely delicious. And I ordered a $28 bottle of very nice Oregon Pinot Gris. You don't often see wine prices that fair in a downtown hotel. Anyway, Noe at the Omni is my choice for high-end dining in the immediate Music Center area.

        1. There's Kendall's right there at the music center. Haven't been there since it became Kendall's, so don't know if it's good.
          Nick & Stef's at the Wells Fargo Center. There's a shuttle to the music center.

          1. I'm going to the taper tomorrow, and trying to think of a place to eat as well! the first thing that comes to my mind downtown is always ciudad, if you don't mind eating outside the immediate theater area--great atmosphere, delicious Latin foods. Tomorrow, though, i might want to try something in Little Tokyo. anybody know of any good Japanese grill places on that side of town?

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                we went to koshiji! i had found it through another chowhound thread. enjoyed our meal, but i live on the westside and definitely prefer nanbankan in terms of value and ambience.

              2. re: sunmi

                I guess not exactly a "grill" place but we like Izayoi a lot. Some of the items are grilled, some fried, some steamed, some sushi/sashimi.