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Indian, Armenian or Persian - Suggestions for an LA foodie

Hi, summoning the food gods of SF for suggestions on indian, armenian or persian in the city for a group of 6. Thanks!

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  1. Maykadeh for Persian. http://maykadehrestaurant.com

    I haven't found any Armenian food except at occasional church and school festivals.

    Indian, check out these topics:


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      Several years ago when we had our Limsterfest chowdowns, people were giving Alborz the edge for Persian over Maykadeh. Any recent reports on Alborz?

      I think Sultan is the best place for Indian for a group. The atmosphere is a bit more upscale than most of the Tandoorloin dives, but the food hasn't been dumbed down. The trick is to talk to the hostess, Maryam, about your order, particularly about what fresh, seasonal veggie dishes might be available that day.

    2. Given the general geographical area you're talking about, you might also consider Helmand, good Afghan food, nice atmosphere.


      1. I had an unusually quiet and relaxing evening at Alborz a few weeks ago. the food was good,though not stunning. Portions were huge,prices were good,and it was quiet,a true rarity.

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          Some of the dishes at Maykadeh are great:

          barley and vegetable aash
          lamb's tongue
          braised lamb's head
          lamb shank braised with eggplant

        2. Thank you everyone, this is very helpful.

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                the menu looks nice. has anyone eaten here?

          1. not sure if you've thought about Aziza- its Moroccan but excellent food and unique to SF, having been to several morrocan places in LA- I would highly recommend trying Aziza...the Chef is morrocan...

            1. Dosa - is very good

              Better armenian or persian in LA, in the san fernando valley

              1. I think Alborz on Van Ness and Sutter is probably superior to Maykadeh for Persian in San Francisco. If you can make it out of the city, better Persian food can be found down the peninsula and in the south bay. Chelokababi in Sunnyvale is always good. www.chelokababi.com

                Ghormeh Sabzi is excellent
                Joujeh Kabob always good
                Koubideh perfect

                For an excellent fix of inexpensive Persian food in a divey kind of manner is Rose Market in Mountain View.