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Nov 15, 2006 03:29 AM

Reveillon Dinners

Hello, I've been trying to do some research before my husband and I head to New Orleans for a few days on Dec. 5th. I've been reading a lot about the Reveillon dinners and think it sounds fun, however, are these restricted only to the holiday week or do they go on throughout the whole month of December? If so, who serves the best Reveillon dinner (holiday atmosphere, good food...)? Thank you!

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    Each restaurant posts thier dates, menus and prices. You should have quite a few to choose from. Enjoy!

    1. Originally they occurred on Christmas after midnight masses as a way of breaking fasts, but they now take place in New Orleans throughout December. Chefs create special menus for the holidays:


        Lists menus and available dates for most of the reveillons in New Orleans.