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Nov 15, 2006 03:02 AM

Rice cooker add-in recipes

I want to cook various ingredients with my rice while it cooks in the rice cooker, in order to extract flavor into the rice. A la Takikomi Gohan.

So far all I have made is a Chestnut rice with aburaage and shitake/

Can you or have you cooked fish with the rice? I think fatty pieces of salmon or maybe even a trout would be delicious, but I am afraid that it might be undercooked.

I have heard of leop choeng beinging steamed over the rice and similarly unagi.

Any other ideas?

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  1. Well any "lop" meats can be cooked in the rice and something can be added when the rice is just finished cooking and the heat of the rice will cook the the ingredient. Example from my college days when I hid a rice cooker in my room. I would add a whipped egg with oyster sauce and some soy, sesame oil to the cooked rice. A quick and cheap meal for a college kid.

    As for salmon or anything other fish I have not done it but it may be over cooked. But give it a try.

    I have used the steming attachment to steam fish and egg custard type dishes.

    1. My grandmother used to put oysters in the rice, with a pretty good slug of shoyu, too.

      1. You can make a decent version of jambalaya in a rice cooker...saute chopped onion, celery, bell pepper, garlic until fragrant, add to rice cooker along with rice, peeled shrimp, thinly sliced smoked sausage, and an appropriate amount of rice & chicken or shrimp stock. Google it...many recipes are floating around.

        1. Sometimes I substitute chicken stock for the water in my rice cooker and add chopped sauteed veggies (as Hungry Celeste suggested) and after it's cooked, mix in some chicken that I've browned and cooked in olive oil and garlic on the stove. It's not jambalaya, but it is quick and tasty.