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Nov 15, 2006 02:50 AM

Silverlake/LosFeliz/EagleRock - Birthday dinner for 6

We've been in the Eastside area for quite some time, so we've done the usual Vermont, Edendale, Blairs, Columbos....
Does anyone know of a good spot that would have cocktails as well as good food for a party of 6? Moderate to Expensive is fine. Ethnic selections OK too. This weekend.

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  1. Cliff's Edge would be my recommendation. I don't frequent the area often, but I'm willing to drive there for that restaurant. Appetizers are delicious and entrees are hearty. They also have daily specials, and my meals have been cooked perfectly. Service is also top-notch.

    The place has a wide bar, and you can sit inside or outside -- I recommend the patio, which is more romantic and fun.

    1. Camilo's in Eagle Rock is a great place for a birthday dinner, but sadly they only have beer and wine, no cocktails (though they make great wine-based facsimiles).

      There aren't many places in Eagle Rock that have a full bar, unfortunately.

      How about Jax in Glendale? Live jazz music, steaks and cocktails. It can get a little loud but if you are seated in the rear area of the dining section it isn't too bad.

      Another option could be Minx in Glendale but I haven't tried it yet so I can't vouch for it. It looks great, though.

      1. If you're looking for a scene and some cocktails, as well as adequate food, Vermont (on Vermont a bit north of Sunset in Los Feliz) is lovely. The space is well-appointed, though unless you're "someone" the wait staff can be less-than-stellar. Parking is impossible on weekends, so be prepared to cough up $10 - $20 for valet.

        Assuming you don't NEED the cocktails and can settle for beer and wine, my highest recommendation in the area goes to Netty's on Silver Lake Blvd. The Pan-American cuisine as well as the always-friendly and speedy service makes this place an enduring gem. Over the years, I've had several parties there, up to 25 people, and never been disappointed. This is one of two restaurants in all of L.A. that has NEVER let me down.