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Nov 15, 2006 01:45 AM

Coffee Toffee Pie

I remember my mother making this dessert when I was a kid and my family loved it. Now I'm making dessert for Thanksgiving, and thought of it, but the recipes that I have found use raw egg in the topping and then it's not cooked after that. Times have changed... Don't want to poison any guests. Would egg beaters work? Anyone have a recipe for Coffee Toffee Pie without raw eggs???

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    Scroll down to the recipe...supposedly the original from Blums..

    have a recipe of Blum's Coffe Toffee Pie, that my mom got from her friend who after eating it asked for the recipe.

    Blums’ Coffee --Toffee Pie

    1⁄2 pkg pie crist mix 1 T water
    1⁄4 cup Lt brown sugar, firm 1 t vanilla
    3⁄4 C Fine chopped walnuts
    1 square unsweetend chocolate grated
    1⁄2 C soft butter or margarine 3⁄4 C granulated sugar 2 t instant coffee
    2 eggs
    1 square unsweetened chocolate -- melted/cooled
    (use 1⁄2 recipe
    )2 C heavy cream
    2 T instant coffee
    1⁄2 C powdered sugar
    Chocolate curls
    METHOD Preheat oven to 375 degrees f.
    Make pastry shell
    In medium bowl combine 1st 4 ingredients. Add water and vanilla.
    Using fork, mix until well blended
    Turn into well greased 9” pie plate -- Press firmly against bottom and sides of pie plate.
    Bake 15 min. Cool shell in pie plate on wire rack
    ---Meanwhile, make filling---
    In small bowl w/ electric mixer at medium speed beat butter til creamy.
    Gradually add granulated sugar, beating til light.
    Blend in cool melted chocolate and 2t instant coffee
    Add egg; Beat 5 minutes; Add remaining egg, beat 5 minutes longer.
    Turn filling into baked pie shell.
    Refrigerate the pie, covered, over night.

    Make topping
    In large bowl combine cream with 2T instant coffee and powdered sugar
    Refrigerate mixture covered 1 hour
    Beat cream until stiff
    Decorate pie with topping
    Using Pastry bag with # 6 decorating tip if desired
    Garnish with chocolate curls.
    Refrigerate the pie at least 2 hours
    --Makes 8 servings-- Delicious

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    1. re: Jesdamala

      Oooops, just realized the eggs in filling are not cooked! Sorry...

    2. This sounds similar to the famous Maida Heatter "Better Than Sex" Dessert. Is it the same?. I lost my recipe.

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      1. re: Fleur

        Don't know. Blum's is a long gone, very famous, establishment in LA and this is the only Coffee/Toffee pie I know. I think they also had a branch in the downtown, long gone I. Magnin. I think they were at the corner of Beverly Drive/Wilshire Blvd. Lots of this is a blur to me these days, but Blum's was famous for this pie and other sweets and treats! Better than sex? Well, depends on with whom, but truly, if my memory recalls, decadent, without a doubt!

        1. re: Jesdamala

          I did a quick search for the 'Better Than Sex' dessert, and I don't think they are the same as that one has chocolate chips?

          I personally would not be concerned with uncooked eggs in the Coffee/Toffee pie...but that's me...there are raw eggs or near raw eggs in many things...don't know how hot an egg should be heated to be considered safe...I just don't have this concern in my life.

        2. re: Fleur

          Yes, it is the same recipe. I believe Maida Heatter also calls it Coffee Toffee Pie, but then describes it as "better than sex".

        3. Re: Coffee Toffee Pie:
          I am wondering if it would be OK to substitute Eggbeaters for the raw eggs? Ideas anyone?
          I lived in San Francisco about 20 years ago, sorry to hear that Blums is long gone.

          1. My sister just made this Sat night from the original recipe that Mom used in the 60's. She made it the authentic way, with the raw eggs beaten in. I'm fine and we're all fine. We all ate it and so did all of those Blum's patrons. Absolutely fantastic pie.....