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Nov 15, 2006 01:10 AM

best delivery los feliz

been living here for almost 8 years now, and still have yet to find decent chinese food delivery. sad, isn't it? my fav delivery spots are farfalla, michelangelo, rambutan thai, the occasional electric lotus although it's a rip off. anyone else have something interesting?

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  1. This won't help you that much since you already have Rambutan, but Pattaya Thai on Vermont is closer to Los Feliz and is pretty good. I feel your pain as far as Chinese goes. Maybe the new Capriccio Pizza will offer delivery when it opens, whenever that may be. I also like to call and pick up takeout from Gingergrass and Indochine.

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      Also feel the pain! We pick up from Pho Cafe about once a week, and occasionally from Gingergrass. Also pick up pizza from Casa Bianca and La Buca, though neither is close. We do delivery from Rambutan, Farfalla and Agra Cafe (indian), though the latter was better IMO when it first opened. Alas, I have not helped you at all... (maybe others will have better insight)

    2. i tried that agra cafe. i wasn't too impressed. it's not bad, and feeds that indian food fix, but overall i thought it too was a rip off.

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        I believe the ownership (or something) changed at Agra. I went there a few times when it first opened and it was great. The last time I ordered delivery from there (3-4 months ago) it was pretty mediocre -- so mediocre, in fact, that I've never gone back.

        Delivery in this neigborhood leaves something to be desired. Nothing much to add, except that the China Inn Restaurant in Glendale delivers to Silverlake, so it might also to Los Feliz. Not great Chinese, but definitely better than other chinese delivery options.

        China Inn
        Address: 132 N Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91206
        Phone: (818) 247-2750

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          The trick with Agra is to order one of the Balti dishes. The other stuff is mediocre, but the Balti dishes all have a rich, complex sauce that you don't find very often. And if you want Indian delivery in the area, they are it.

        2. re: logan

          I LOVE Agra...and the fact that they deliver (to Echo Park). Big fan and have been for quite some time.

        3. We order from Louise's (I know, the salads and pizza are decent) and Michelangelo's in SL. Also Simply Thai on Hillhurst and Home (which often arrives cold). Wish there were more options! Hello, restauranters!

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          1. re: Silverlaker

            yeah i've gotten from Home quite a few times. it does tend to be cold, and a couple times i got entirely different things from what i ordered! they compensated me nicely with a free meal, but still..

          2. I meant to also add that Rocco's pizza on Vermont is pretty good, especially the white pizza. I've heard some of their pastas are pretty good, too.

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            1. re: Chowpatty

              Agreed....I order from Rocco's on Vermont frequently. Great pizza and salads....excellent pasta as well.

              1. re: gonoles84

                While driving on Vermont, I observed Rocco's was taken over and has now become a Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria location. Rocco's was certainly quite good, and it will be missed.

                On checking their website (, it seems, the Miracle Mile, and the Studio City (new?) location are in operation, and there is no mention of the Vermont location.

            2. Agra used to be decent but now when you order you get a tub of sauce with a little nugget of meat.

              Otherwise, if you want delivery (as opposed to pick-up) you're looking at either Thai or Italian/Pizza. Which it sounds like you've already covered.

              If someone opened a good chinese joint in Los Feliz/Silverlake, they would make a killing. There is absolutely nothing that fits the bill on this side of town. Somebody? Please? Are you out there?

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              1. re: janelle

                seriously i agree. maybe we should open a Chowhound delivery restaurant!