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Nov 15, 2006 01:02 AM

Looking for restaurants that serve Bagna Cauda

any and all would be gratefully appreciated.



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  1. only one i know of is the bouchon bakery take-out place in time warner. mmm mmm good.

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    1. re: gab

      I think we are thinking of two different things. I'm referring to the traditional Italian meal of sliced bread and vegetables that are dipped in a warm oil and anchovy paste mixture, often contained in a terra cotta pot over a candle (to keep it warm).

      I can't see them serving that as a take-away item...

    2. Hey, dkstar1, That's the kind of question where Menupages' Find-a-Food function comes in handy. Doing a search, I found exactly *one* restaurant that serves bagna cauda (presuming, of course, that the menu on Menupages is current): Al Di La, in Brooklyn. Doesn't sound as though it's a full meal, though, since it's on the antipasti list.

      1. I've had it at 18 Bay in Bayville, LI, with artichokes.

        1. I have had it at Supper in the E. Vill. I agree with RGR that it's usually served as a starter of some kind.

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          1. re: bickel

            Checking Supper's website, it is on their antipasti menu; however, they've got a strange spelling: "bagna caoda."