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Nov 15, 2006 12:39 AM

Looking for places to eat in Quincy

Hi- We just moved to Quincy and are eager to check out some cool places. It seems like people on here know some great places so I thought I'd ask for help. Thanks!

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  1. Here are some recent discussions to get you started:

    My sister lives there and I am looking forward to checking out many of these Asian recomendations!

    1. For breakfast/lunch try Uncle Charlies, good food simple and cheap.

      1. There are many great places to eat in Quincy, in particular; The Varsity Club on Independence Ave just outside of Quincy Square, not much in the way of atmosphere but great burgers and the spicy fish and chips is out of this world; Tony's on the beach for fried clams (closed in the fall/winter); Tullio's, Hancock St., North Quincy for Italian; Pizza at Alumni on Hancock St., Wollaston, cheap and yummy, they only serve one thing at the Alumni - Pizza; Trattoria Alba and Alba in Quincy Square for Italian a little more upscale. There are also a lot of great Chinese and Sushi places in Quincy. I like Quincy Dynasty for Chinese and they have a great lunch buffet on Billings Road in North Quincy and Fugi 1546 for Sushi. There are also a couple of good Indian places one in the Square and one on the Southern Artery. Bon Appetit!

        1. Well I would recommend Neapoli in Quincy Square for some of the best pizza there. Their subs are great too.

          I would also recommend Finian's. On Monday and Tuesday they have a 2 for 1 dinner special for around $15. There are a ton of choices.

          1. I have eaten at many places in Quincy (I probably eat there more often than in any other town in the Boston area). Here are some of the places I've been:

            Tullio's--great Italian
            Alumni Cafe--outstanding pizza
            Villa Rosa--good pizza, so-so meals
            Quincy Dynasty--very good authentic Chinese food
            Cronin's Publick House--some of the best steak tips in the Boston area
            Grumpy White's--excellent comfort food in a friendly environment
            Tony's Clam Shop--great seafood and Greek/Middle Eastern specialties
            Quincy Jade--not all that great Chinese food
            Finian's--mostly very good family restaurant, but hit or miss at times
            Classic India--one of the best Indian restaurants in the Boston area
            Captain Fishbones--decent family restaurant with great water views
            Newcomb Farms--good place for breakfast
            Mannion's--excellent traditional Irish breakfasts

            Good Lord, I guess I have been spending too much time in Quincy! But as you can see, there is no shortage of dining spots there...