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Replacement for McHale's burger

I'm looking for the kind of juicy, big, nap-inducing burger that McHale's was famous for. Where do I need to go to come close to re-creating that?

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  1. McReilly's Pub on Vernon Blvd. in LIC. Big, greasy, pub-style burger in a similar atmosphere to McHale's.

    Also consider Paul's in the EV.

    Man, I miss McHale's.

    1. Molly's, the Irish pub, on 3rd Av., b/t 22nd & 23rd Sts., serves huge, juicy burgers. Skip the mediocre fries and get the excellent onion rings. Very convivial atmospherics.

      1. Try Landsdowne Road on 10th between 43rd and 44th. Not quite as dirty as McHales, but give it a few years...

        1. AS a result of this post, I went to Landsdowne. HUGE HUGE disappointment. Not even close to McHale's.

          I agree Molly's is good, Blue Smoke is good (although expensive)...and if you just want big, Jackson Hole.

          1. landsdowne is a sub-standard bar burger -- a bit better than the average diner, but not much. jackson hole is just awful.

            molly's is your best manhattan bet, but donovan's -- woodside -- is far, far, far superior to all of the above. medium rare, raw onions. mmmmmmmmm.

            1. I would agree with Paul's, but they can be inconsistent. Have you been around McHale's old site lately? It's a vacant lot now-- just gone. Sad, sad, sad.

              1. Gotta say, I've been to Donovan's and don't love it. But since everyone else sings its praises, I feel like I should give it another try...

                1. Where does Walker's stack up against a Molly's or Paul's?

                  1. It's not in Manhattan, but my favorite burger is at Dumont (and Dumont Burger) in Williamsburg. the bacon is especially delicious. mmm... bacon.

                    1. Paul's is decent (2nd Ave and St. Marks). Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) is pretty solid. If you want to go a little smaller (but tastier/jucier) try Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridian Hotel (6th and 57th), PJ Clarke's (54th and 3rd Ave), or my favorite JG Melon's (74th and 3rd Ave). Jackson Hole is big but terrible.

                      1. do yourself a favor and go to the full shilling on pearl between wall and pine. fantastic burger, unbelievable burger actually, get it with bacon and the handcut fries. one of the best burgers in manhattan IMO and that includes shake shack, burger joint, etc.

                        1. I miss McHales so much. Have yet to find a suitable replacement... MMmm, that bacon!

                          Shake shack, burger joint and Pauls in the E Villages are not at all in the same category. McHales was giant and delish.

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                            Soup Burg on Madison and 73rd is the closest I can think of in Manhattan. Big, juicy, blue-collar burger. Paul's, Corner Bistro and Molly's are also good choices.

                            I am a huge fan of Donovan's, but unless you are already near a 7 train, wait for baseball season to start.

                          2. I tried Paul's for the first time last night, but left without finding an acceptable replacement for McHale's. Been to Donovan's as well, but found it wasn't nearly up to the standard I was used to.

                            I'm glad to find this post. Here's to hoping some of these suggestions pan out.

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                              I found just the opposite. I eat at Donovan's an average of 2-3 times a month, and I didn't find McHale's up to the standard. It was a cool hangout though.

                            2. To people not tend to like the Old Town Tavern burger on this site, or has it not been mentioned on this thread because perhaps it's a bit of a different style than the McHale's burger in question? Just wondering...

                              1. Hurley's on 48th betw. Bway and 8th. Bartender told me it was the best burger in the city. I figured "All bars say that."

                                He was right.