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Nov 15, 2006 12:31 AM

Deli-icious in Davis Square (the old Nick's location)

I'm curious for opinions of the new "Deli-icious" in Davis Square, where Nick's used to be.

Nick's Roast Beef was a wonderful, cheap little spot with, well, brilliant roast beef (not to be confused with the big chain). Owned by a Greek guy named Nick and his son. Nick died around 2003ish, the son sold the place and then it was passed through a string of owners, each less worthwhile than the last.

Until a couple of months ago, when someone bought and renamed it "Deli-icious," reworking the menu significantly.

The new crew (some of whom were around during the crappy handoffs) seem interested in doing a little bit extra, such as including applesauce as a side, house-making potato salad, and bringing in special breads. They also gave away halloween candy, which was sweet. And the friendly woman at the counter started recognizing my voice on the phone by my third order, which was pretty neat.

Nonetheless, $6.75 for a turkey sandwich is a little steep for an everyday lunch... although I do like that I can have it with fun extras like sliced cukes and shredded carrots. And the bread is fresh and good each day. Particularly the 9-grain and the braided roll.

I know it's not haute, but what are people liking and disliking?

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  1. I don't know where you're buying your other sandwiches from, but $7 for a sandwich is pretty much the going rate these days.

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    1. re: LStaff

      LOL!!! Actually I don't know where YOU are getting your sandwiches. I have never paid more than about $5 for a sandwich in my life.

      1. re: Johnresa

        Where are you getting these <$5 sandwiches?

        1. re: Joanie

          You can get a ful rollup for $4.00 and a falafel for $4.50 at Moody's in Central, and a lot of places will do a fried egg on toast for $3.00, but if you want a "real" sandwich (or something with meat) you'll probably end up over five bucks.

          I used to work near Kendall and I'd get a $3.50 pork-and-tofu with brown rice from the "grease trucks." Those were yummy.

    2. This is good to hear. The old Nick's had (for my money) the best steak and cheese around and I was really sad when it was sold, as the first re-incarnation was not good. At. All.

      I'll have to check the new deli-licious out. Thanks for the tip.

      1. I've heard good things about this place. And if I am not mistaken, it is the same bunch of people that run the awesome Tasty Gourmet on Boston Ave on the other side of Tufts.

        Tasty also has Boars Head and offers the same yummy sides. The sandwiches at Tasty are always fresh and delicious, if it's the same people, I would expect nothing less!

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        1. re: MaineRed

          Deli-icious has become a standard stop for us -- fresh, good and filling...and so many choices! I joke often w/the owner about his running out of eggsalad (the chickens were on strike, etc) but i love that place and really think it helps keep Davis Sqr. down to earth.

        2. To be clear - I'm not loving or hating it - but I'm enjoying the nice touches.
          As for the $5 sandwich, I'm behind the times. Nick, before his death, had raised prices maybe once since 1982, so I was getting a roast beef for $3.75. (And before that, $3.25.) I miss Nick.

          Today I had a special, turkey-stuffing-cranberry sandwich. I'd only planned to eat half, but I stuffed down the whole thing. The braided roll is so chewy - it's just brilliant.

          I'll ask them about the Tasty Gourmet connection.

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          1. re: enhF94

            People like to complain about sandwich prices and generally don't know anything about what it's like to run a place such as this. Before I get started on rent, inflation, location of Davis Square, what it takes to get Boar's Head sponsorship (hint-- most people wouldn't bother paying that kind of money as a business- costs reflect this), premium ingredients, etc. etc., let me just say that boasting about how Nick never raised his prices AND talking about how Nick's is now gone says everything. Unless you live deeper in the provincial-minded suburbs and refuse to try anything that's different, $7 is acceptable for a nice, thick and filling sandwich pretty close to Boston (not to mention in the hip and increasingly expensive Davis Square/Tufts area). It should also be noted that all sandwiches come in a clamshell container with a pickle and your choice of side. If you're paying $7 here, you're getting a decent amount of food. Deli-icious doesn't skimp.

            Welcome to the real world. Support good places, and Deli-icious is one of these places-- a good balance between solid standards and new ideas to keep things lively. This place is mighty reliable and you won't go hungry.

            Inventive sandwiches, many choices, good sides, willingness to grill bread, quality bread and topping options, daily soups, and very friendly staff (including Keith, one of the owners) make this a great spot. If you like bacon, you MUST try Deli-icious, as many of their specialties have bacon in them, some in very interesting combinations. All their melts are excellent, but those are just my go-to choices. Be sure to read as much of the huge menu that's all over the wall as possible.

            There's a family connection with Tasty Gourmet, but this is not owned by the same people.

            1. re: theonesnowman

              I agree that D-icious' breads are excellent, and the choices of sides is also excellent. I particularly appreciate the option for applesauce instead of chips, a healthier option. And I agree that the melts are excellent.
              But I don't think Nick's being gone had anything to do with economics, but rather, Nick's fatal heart attack followed by his son, Peter's, chance to live his own life.
              I'm very willing to pay $7, although many of my co-workers can no longer afford it, which is sad.