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Nov 14, 2006 11:38 PM

On foot by Ravens Stadium

Planning to do a some tailgaiting Sunday, but not going to the game. I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to explore a bar-hop, & shop - having a beer & some chow at a variety of places.
Any suggestions on where we ight visit?

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  1. I would try Cross Street Market for some oysters and/or sushi (before the game it will be packed). There are a variety of decent bars in Federal Hill, including Mothers (loud)and Porters (not so loud). Around 4-5 pm Sobo Cafe and Bicycle both open, I believe.

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    1. re: orangecrush

      Thanks. I dont think the market is open on Sundays.

      Are there good meals and/or deals to be found at Mothers or Porters?

      I have wanted to try Sobo, but didnt think they would have beer. As for Bicycle - might be too pricey for what I have in mind.

      1. re: foster

        Oh, the market is open, don't you worry. You will get passable bar/pub food at either place, but nothing out of this world. Sobo has a decent draft selection, usually with one from the Brewer's Art as well as a number of bottles. Bicycle is not cheap, but beer wise they have Chimay and Resurrection on tap.

        1. re: foster

          I go to the market to watch the game on sundays all the time!

      2. Whenever my son and I go to a Ravens game, I have to stop at the corner just a block or so south and west of the stadium. There is a young woman there selling Italian sausage and sweet pepper sandwiches. Hmmmm......good!

        1. I agree - go with the street vendors. We went to a game earlier this year and found a vendor grilling burgers on one corner. Had to be one of the best burgers I've had in years. Not sure exactly where I was as I don't know Baltimore that well, but maybe others on here will know what I am referring to and be able to direct you. Also, you can take food in to the stadium, so be sure to buy any bags of nuts, bottles of water, etc. outside and carry them in. Much cheaper and better to support a local person than the big stadium conglomerate.

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          1. re: DC Gal

            You cannot bring bottles into Ravens games (unlike O's games). You can bring food in a clear plastic bag as long as security can see it.

            The original poster was not going to the game and was asking about places to grab a bite and a beer.

          2. Sobo is excellent, and right in the heart of everything, if you are looking to check out shops, etc. Of course, their opening usually depends upon the whim of the owner. Also, once the game begins, it is 100% easier to go into any bar or restaurant you please, and try some stuff everywhere....