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Nov 14, 2006 11:38 PM

just ate at mozza

it was incredible. three friends and i tried five pizzas, the duck dish, and the butterscotch pudding dessert. pizzas: margherita, lardo, squash blossom, fennel sausage, and oregano salami. all very tasty, but the oregano salami pizza was amazing.

the crispy duck was one of the most delicious dishes i have ever had (available on tuesday only -- they have a different special every day). the entire table could not get enough of this.

butterscotch pudding was a perfect end to our lunch. good "burnt sugar" taste on the top layer.

the service was great and the pizzas arrived quickly (which was good because we were all starving). the total bill for four incl. tax and tip was about $140 (note that we also all had soda and coffee).

i'll definitely be heading back there soon.

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  1. Just ate there and had essentially the same meal. Yeah, it's all that. Fab wine, nice service though tremendously slow, which is totally forgiven the first day. The desserts were unreal, and the duck a standout. The pizza still has a ways to go, IMHO, but was a solid B+ Italian style, rustic pie. Bravo!

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      Woohoo, "Fab wine" sounds very strong coming from you Adsvino, what did you find? Great bottles, great prices, both?

    2. that sounds like a lot of food. Did you folks finish it all... or were there leftovers?

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        the pizzas are personal size -- four small slices in each pie. i'm not a big guy and i could eat two. i was very full at the end of the meal, but we did finish.

      2. Anyone know if they are doing carry-out or delivery??? Trying to beat the sold-out status of this week's opening.

        1. how long in advance did u make a resv.?

          1. I'm eager to try Mozza, but I gotta say, I will NEVER make a reservation for a Pizzeria more than a few hours in advance!!! It seems to defeat the entire point of casual dining to book weeks in advance for a pizza pie!

            I'll probably hit Mozza next week, should be relatively empty then...