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Nov 14, 2006 11:16 PM

Vegetarian at Yonge & Eg?


Other than Noahs, that is.


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  1. If you don't mind Chinese veg, there's Happy Buddha.

    1. Happy Buddha can be very good - but you have to know what to order. Things I love:

      Sesame spicy mock chicken over broccoli. Fantastic flavours and mock chicken is very convincing... better tasting than real meat by a mile!

      Satay kebabs with peanut sauce. The sauce is excellent, same on meat texture.

      Rice noodles with vegetables and mock beef.

      Fried rice. A classic and now egg-free.

      Fried Banana dessert. Unhealthy, but delish

      All soups, except wonton which is just okay.

      1. For other veg options, try:

        Bacaro on Eglintion - fast and somewhat upscale Italian takeout with some veg options

        Same with other Italian/Pizza around there (Madanto's margherita slice is a favourite of mine in the area)

        Yummi's - good falafel, lots of good salads, etc.

        Subway's FANTASTIC garden veggie patty sub!!! So under the radar and so incredibly tasty! I never order meat subs there since discovering this one. Make sure they heat the patty for at least 1:40 if it's a 12" sub you order.

        1. My vegetarian friend loves Chef of India, even at the buffet I think you would get good value paying $8.95 and only eating the veg stuff.

          1. Cha Liu has a number of veggie options. Had my first dinner at La Vecchia last night - surprisingly good and amazing value - and they have a number of veggie pizzas and pastas on offer. If you're willing to venture a few blocks south, Tabule has fantastic food, including lots of great veggie items (dips, falafel, salads, etc.).