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Nov 14, 2006 10:49 PM

Bistro 2210, Cgy?

We're doing a bunch of job interviews over the next couple of weeks at my dept at U of C, and we like to take our candidates to nice places for dinner (to show off the city and to get our faculty to participate in the interview process). I'm lined up to take three, and thus far we have reservations at River Cafe and Muse. These were chosen not only because of the good food, but also because the academic interview process is exhausting and wherever we take the candidates, I want that place to be comfortable. No place too fussy, no uncomfortable chairs.

I am thinking about Bistro 2210 for the third. I like what I've heard about the place but if anybody who's been there can give some feedback, great.

I'd also welcome any suggestions. Food has to be excellent, in nice and COMFORTABLE setting. No three-hour seatings, no torture-device chairs.

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  1. I felt this post was getting lonely so...

    I didnt mind it here, but didnt love it either. They did have a very 'fussy' maitre d for a while, who would chatter on about how they 'only use local ingredients' and where everything on your plate came from (which i didnt like that much, the whole thing came off a bit awkward, but I'm sure some people eat it up! ;-)) I am not sure how much he works the lunch crowd, or if he is even there still - this was 6 months ago. I live very close to 2210 and it doesnt seem to be doing too well, usually only one table full in the evening. I havent seen it during lunch however. Beautiful space though, and I would say the food was adequate...but certainly not up the the bistro standards of say, Divinos.
    Heck, if you havent tried it, I would say give it a shot. I'd love to hear a more recent review.

    1. Thanks Misscheeks! But we've decided on Brava for that night. I am finally gonna have lobster poutine!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Rich..decadent... yum. Lobster Poutine is a meal in itself. I enjoy the wine service at Brava too. Seems like a good restaurant selection to me!

        I havent been to 2210 yet, so i wasnt able to contribute anything. Would appreciate hearing more from someone else who's been.

      2. John!
        Glad you loved the Lobster Poutine!
        Wine Service is excellent there.
        I hope to hear what you think of your upcoming River Cafe visit. I havent been to 2210 myself, heck I havent even been to Globefish yet.

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        1. re: Gobstopper

          I haven't had the lobster poutine, the visit is next week!

          As to the River- I hate to say this but it was an off night there. One of our party got the corn chowder and it was watery. My app and main were good but main- bison tenderloin and a little toonie-size bit of pickerel at the opposite side of the place- was $50. It was very good but I cannot see $50 on the plate. Also I had to ask for a steak knife, which is minor but a rare oversight from a place that has dependably great service. Dessert was good but again a little disk of apple tart and tiny (about 1 Tbs) scoop of ice cream- $11? And it was doused in too much cloying maple syrup when it would have been better with a tiny dab or even none. It was not a great night there.

        2. John,
          Very sorry to hear it - Glad the entree was good but the "half-century" price is always tough to take. You should definitely be wowed rather then underwhelmed.

          The dessert should have been 9 dollars not 11, so that is a whoops...

          The kitchen brigade is all killah no fillah right now, so I'm sad to hear of a misstep.

          1. Agreed Mike, and no worries, I am not writing off the River (seeing as my tasting menu experience last summer was the best restaurant meal of my life). It's just that our subsequent take-a-job-candidate-to-dinner visit to Muse was consistently amazing, every course, and that is what I've come to expect at the River.