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Nov 14, 2006 10:40 PM

Old Cafe Rue spot on Park (oakland)

Been driving by everyday and saw new signs put up a week or 2 ago... Declancy's Welcome Home Restaurant; southern cooking. The front windows are still papered though. Does anyone have the scoop? When Cafe Rue was there, I always passed by but never went in... just looked too hole-in-the-wall with horrible food to me. I hope this change will be a turning spot for the place.

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  1. declancy's has been open for a couple of months and is comming along nicely. the decor is clean but sparse, the service can be inexperienced but attentive and acommadating. the food may take some time to get to your table because the entrees are made to order. :)

    the sides (greens, sweet potatoes, red beans and rice ect) are done nicely. the food is well prepared although a bit bland. the portions are generous and the prices are more than fair.

    my first visit was just after they opened, and i was the only customer. now when i pass by i notice that more and more folks have discovered this little gem. this restaurant is a fine addition to the neighborhood, and i hope they are sucessful. maybe one of these days they'll start having delivery??? <swoon>