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Where's Brooklyn's Best Sushi?

The only place I ever go for sushi in Brooklyn is Blue Ribbon Sushi on 5th Ave. in Park Slope. I have to admit, I've been afraid to go elsewhere for fear of a lag of turn around time on fish. Call me overly cautious. Anyway, what other suggestions can you give me for good (pref. great) sushi in the BK? - specifically in the areas within 2-3 miles of Downtown Brooklyn. Wherever the best sushi is, let me know. Thanks!

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  1. If you search it, you'll find quite a bit of discussion. However, the majority will say Taro Sushi in Park Slope - and they're correct - it's delicious.

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    1. Second, third, and fourth Taro. Went Saturday evening and had some amazing sea eel from Tsukiji slightly grilled with a little sea salt. The horse mackerel was also unusually tasty. I haven't found a sushi bar with the combination of amazing fish and reasonable prices elsewhere in this country.

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        The omakase is a great deal as well. The variety is quite impressive. Highly recommend Taro.

      2. Ki Sushi on Smith Street about two blocks from Atlantic. Kevin the sushi chef and owner has fanatstic fresh fish and great inventive rolls. Nice atmosphere, excellent service and decent portions and prices.

        1. probably not the best in brooklyn, but i would list Sushi D on Dekalb in Ft. Greene as one of the best.

          1. I would highly recommend Gen Restaurant on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights. Excellent sushi and cooked food as well.

            1. For the most part Taro does not excel on cooked food. However, this weekend a special was a lotus root stuffed with shrimp paste and fried in tempura batter. It was excellent. I guess it's safe to say that Geido is no longer on anyone's "best of" list for sushi. However, I feel that their cooked food is great (save for the okonomiyaki) and the make a mean nabe.

              1. Tamari is also good, on Fifth Ave close to Union St in the slope. It's small and loungey, and slooooow since there's one young guy in the kitchen doing everything from scratch.
                They have alot of cooked noodle dishes, and creative apps
                The raw fish is all in rolls and various app-like plates (they call themselves Japanese Tapas - go ahead roll your eyes, I did too.)

                Anyway, the fish I've had there is very high quality and there's obviously care put into the prep. Since it's not A Sushi Restaurant, I always forget to mention it in that context.

                I think Taro is best when the main guy is there -- I've hit it on some mediocre nights. But it IS way better than everything else when it's on, AND is priced like a nabe place. There's no way I'm having omakase at Blue Ribbon because I'd be afraid of the bill . . . but I have seen it made and it always is awe-inspiring.

                1. I heard about Taro from CH, we finally made it to Brooklyn to try it on Friday. Thanks everyone, this place is a gem. Truly amazing omakase for so much less than you will pay in Manhattan--and the quality is perfect. Sea eel with salt, butterfish, sardine, baby hamachi, these were all standouts and unusual offerings, seasoned perfectly. Toro and uni were really good. As mentined above, cooked food was not super strong (but not bad, we had some fried oysters and the tempura lotus root stuffed with shrimp). Another big plus is the casual, friendly neighborhood feel of the place. Definitely will be back.

                  1. Ki Sushi -- second that nomination. Food-gasm all the way. Practically an ecstatic experience.

                    1. Osaka in court in CH IMO is the best. Our friends who live in PS come to Osaka.

                      1. can someone tell me where taro is i cant seem to find it on google

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                          Taro: Dean St between Flatbush and 5th Ave

                        2. Haven't been to Taro but had a great meal at Blue Ribbon on Monday night.

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                            Blue Ribbon is a bit higher end. The atmosphere is homier at Taro.