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Nov 14, 2006 10:03 PM

Jay's Krispy Fried Chicken; Sikeston, MO - Awesome!

I was on my way home from New Orleans a few weeks ago and stopped in Sikeston. I drove by Lamberts and they were major crowded so I drove around town for a bit. I seemed to recall reading a previous post about a BBQ place in old town so I took a look. I wasn't able to find it so I decided to head north through town intending to catch I-55 a bit north of town. What a great streak of luck that brought me. I was cruising N. Main St and I saw a slew of cars parked around a little cafe called Jays. I saw that they had a fried chicken buffet (Sunday) and the place was loaded w/ young and old. So many people that I was excited to find they had a drive thru. I rolled up and chose my off and on again favorite; chicken gizzards - large order, large fries, and a large Coke....yep..under $6. I typically would not post a note about chicken gizzards or livers but I am telling you that they were the most awesome gizzards I have ever eaten. They were lightly breaded and every single one in the nearly 1# box was so tender, I thought I was eating bits of chicken thighs. I have never had a gizzard so sweet and tender but I will darn soon when I get back down there. Hands down the best I ever ate. Give this place a crack as I bet that buffet is loaded with some other awesome chciken and sides.
Jays Krispy Fried Chicken218 N Main St, Sikeston, MO
Tel: (573) 471-8472

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  1. The BBQ place is Tami's on Malone (the main E-W drag). They also have a Sunday buffet, but they don't have pulled pork on the buffet line. It's on the south side of the street; you would have passed. Supposedly, there is a Dexter's BBQ at 124 Main St. I've been to the one in Dexter but not the one Sikeston. Assuming that it's the same quality as the "home office", then it would be a good stop as well.

    I'll pass on the gizzards, but a good fried chicken breast will do me well. I'll have to give them a try.