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Nov 14, 2006 09:27 PM

Frozen lima beans: baking?

I've got a package of lima beans in the freezer that I'd like to get rid of. I plan to make home fries in the oven this weekend, but rather than toss in bell peppers I was thinking maybe lima beans? Not sure if this would work... I'm tweaking a Rachel Ray recipe that calls for the fries to be cooked in a 500 degree oven for 25 mins. I'm thinking of taking the beans out to defrost to at least fridge temp if not even closer to room temp, then tossing w/ the potatoes. Would there be a difference in the resulting moisture level of the beans post-baking?


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  1. There's a fabulous recipe for limas in the revised Joy of Cooking. I made these recently. They're baked (not at 500F, more like 350F) in a blend of cut-up bacon, chile sauce, molasses, mustard IIRC. They were absolutely wonderful. If you're interested I can look up the recipe and give more details.

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      btw, I'd be interested in that recipe cheryl
      for starters, what is IIRC?

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        OK I'll look it up and post tonight. IIRC = if I recall correctly.

    2. I'm thinking that might not work so well...beans need liquid. I make toasted squash seeds in a hot oven, and this wouldn't even be like that.

      I have an alternative suggestion for you tho -- stew them with a little tomato on the stovetop. Super easy and delicious.
      Cut up an onion and fry lightly, preferably with a slice of chopped up bacon.
      Add a can of tomatoes (cubed fire-roasted, esp nice), let it get simmery and toss in the beans right out of the freezer. Lots of black pepper and that's it. Simmer it awhile and adjust the salt. Garlic optional, at the tomato adding stage.

      THis also works for soy beans/edamame, cauliflower, in any combination. Also great for cabbage sliced up.

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        Thanks pitu! Maybe I'll add in some frozen peas I've got too.

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          Don't add the peas. The limas and peas have different cooking time requirements. When the limas are done and buttery your peas will have turned into shriveled little grey things.