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Nov 14, 2006 09:10 PM

Cookie/Pastry Platters in Brooklyn?

Anyone know a bakery that does cookie/pastry platters? My cousin's bridal shower is next weekend and unfortunately we've left this detail to the last minute. Hope you can help!

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  1. That is probably the easiest thing to find in Brooklyn - so many great Italian bakeries. I like Court Street Bakery in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens. You think they are going to be the cheezy, dry, hokey Italian cookies - and they do sort of look it - but they are delicious!

    1. Mazzola on Union/Henry also has great Italian cookies. For more upscale (and expensive)cookies, you can give One Girl Cookies a try, on Dean off Smith.

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        ooooh, onegirl cookies are perfect for a bridal shower. they're so pretty (and yummy too!)

        1. Sal and Jerry's in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. They make great cookie platters .

          1. Another choice is Cafe Scaramouche, particularly for their decorated/iced sugar cookies in whatever 'theme' you would like. You can get shapes and icing of wedding cakes, flowers or some other bridal theme. Not cheap but in the same range as One Girl certainly.

            They also do petit four and regular cookie trays.