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Fear Factor but for real!!

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So this might seem adolescent, ok it is...

But, I'm looking for food that might be considered dangerous or disgusting...
fugu, live squid, blood pudding, whatever I'm open for all suggestions and trying to call out a friend who says he'll eat anything...I guess really spicy food would work too

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  1. While waiting for other replies, here's a link to a recent thread on this topic to get you started: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/333184

    1. Dim sum will allow you try try a number of Fear Factorish items. You can try the chicken feet (either hot stewed with a variety of spices, or cold dipped in red vinegar) and pigs blood.

      A steamed geese intestine dish is available at many cantonese restaurants. My favorite is from Full House in Arcadia.

      Phoenix Food Boutique (many locations, including Arcadia and Rowland Heights) has duck tongue. I've never had theirs, but duck tongue in general is pretty tasty.

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      1. How about Balut (sp?)? You can find it at most Philipino markets/community.

        I have had Fugu (okay), live octopus/squid (food that bite back), live fish/shellfish, bugs, etc... so I would say that I am an adventurious eater, BUT I WILL NEVER TRY BALUT!

        1. Awesome suggestions! Please keep them coming - I'll drive anywhere close to LA

          1. Pardon this brief interruption, folks. The L.A. board is about where to find food in the greater L.A. area. Please feel free to continue to post suggestions on venues where weird food can be found, however posts that just discuss examples of weird food, and do not offer a local source, will be removed.


            1. I don't consider it that gross at all, but you can get English style black/blood pudding at Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica.

              Anyone know where I can get a good bowl of porks' blood soup, Chinese style, in San Gabriel Valley?

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                Any dim sum restaurant will have the pig's blood. In MPK, standard places like Oceanstar, NBC Seafood; Arcadia's Full House; SGV's New Capital just to name a few.

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                  Chica is right, but I prefer my pork's blood soup to be served by the fine at folks at Sam Woo BBQ on Valley Blvd. (cross street 6th).

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                    Dim sum restaurants serve pork blood in a braising sauce with tripe and other innards, but I'm looking for cube of pork blood in a clear soup, with just a few Chinese leeks (jiu chai). Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

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                    I haven't tried looking for it, but I think you can find pork blood and intestine soup at many Taiwanese places. You can try these places:

                    Old Country Cafe
                    (626) 284-4610
                    2 E Valley Blvd # 1e

                    PA PA Walk
                    (626) 281-3889
                    227 W Valley Blvd
                    San Gabriel

                  3. Haven't tried it myself, but there's Typhoon over by the Santa Monica Airport. All sorts of insects on the menu. Crickets, Ants, scorpions. Oh my.

                    1. Typhoon is definitely a shoo-in for good fear factor food. Their food is great but I've never had the balls to try any of their more "exotic" items.

                      If you can get in, there's also Totoraku with their beef throat sashimi and raw beef liver with sesame oil. It was...interesting.

                      1. Tacos sesos. I've only had them at King Taco but you can probably find them at other taquerias, too. If you can get passed the fact that you're eating cow brains, they're actually quite delicious with the green salsa. You can try tacos lenguas (cow tongue?) too while you're at it. But actually, these are so good, they're hardly fear factor material.

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                          What's the difference between a tacos lenguas and a tongue on rye at Cantor's?

                          LA Poster other day said they're selling frozen whole armadillo at a Hawaiian Market in SGV.

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                            I heard a rumor about Armadillo being sold in Monterrey Park.

                        2. You should head to Hollywood for a dinner at Palm Thai! They have an exotic foods menu that includes frog and a bunch of other things.

                          They also have a pork blood and offal soup that I want to try. Last time I went there the waitress suggested I get something else, and I ended up getting pork fried rice!

                          1. A definite Fear Factor food would be 1000 year old eggs which you can purchase at any 99 Ranch market. Balut another food item that is a Filipino delicasy would be a good fear factor food.


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                              Those preserved eggs are pretty intense.

                              I ate one that I bought in Chinatown here in LA. The main thing about it was that it wasn't that gross, but it was still nonetheless challenging for some reason...

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                                I've been eating them all week -- drowned in rice porridge they're actually really, really good. I also had preserved eggs with ginger and black vinegar.

                            2. Even though I'm Filipino, and I've sold balut at the most recent Philippine festival (and helped out with the balut-eating contests), I won't touch it. Won't do it. Sorry. Parents love it, but not me. You can find it at almost any Vietnamese or Filipino grocery store.

                              The most disgusting thing I've ever actually eaten was spleen at dim sum at Empress downtown. It had the strong iron taste of liver but with the consistency of chewing on a wet dish sponge.

                              1. Blowfish Sperm Sac. Used to be able to get it at Ginza Sushiko. Urusawa probably has it now. Not cheap. Very good. Especially when made into a risotto with uni.

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                                  Forgot about that one....I would agree that it is good as well as fearfactor stuff

                                2. You can get chapulines (fried grasshoppers) at most Oaxacan restaurants... for sure at the two Guelaguetzas, one's at Palms and Sepulveda and one's in K-town.

                                  1. The prince restaurant in Koreatown (formerly windsor room) has the live octopus cut up dish featured on Amazing Race.