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Pinkberry - looks like West LA is one of the next locations

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Saw that the former Circles Cafe space in the Olympic Collection (on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle) has a Pinkberry sign in the window. I have no idea when we should expect the opening, but it means that my neighborhood went from very few dessert places to having a Beard Papa's and a Pinkberry, plus the usual assortment of boba joints and a few bakery/cafes.

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  1. Really?? I'm excited since its around the corner. Though lately its been an easy trip to WeHo since the crowds have been dispersing elsewhere.

    1. There also looks to be a new location in Old Town Pasadena where Bada Bing Pizza used to be.

      1. nice! i wonder what a creampuff from papa beards will taste like dipped in pinkberry's yogurt. hmmm.

        1. It's a Pinkberry explosion, there's already one in Westwood (and in Studio City -which has a parking lot). I've been to both, no lines.

          1. I walked by the (soon to be) Pinkberry store in the Olympic collection, and asked the guy, and he said they were scheduled to open on Friday (didn't look that way but who knows). Never tried Pinkberry but since it's edging in my direction (Santa Monica), may have to try. If it's not that good, as the last poster says, maybe it's the name that's selling it--it's a good name in some weird way.

            1. they're looking to open at least 30 in socal

              1. oh my gosh, this is NOT going to help my addiction. i live within walking distance to pinkberry and beard papas (which i had yesterday)? help!!!!

                1. does anyone know if one of these little jems is heading East--Los Feliz, Glendale, Burbank? I noticed there's a yogurt place opening in Glendale called, ha ha, Blueberry...talk about riding the coattails!

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                    I heard a rumor that one is opening on Vermont...

                  2. There's one opening in Bev Hills. I saw a sign on Beverly Dr between Olympic and Wilshire -- next to Mulberry Pizza (I think in the former Mrs. Fields spot??)

                    1. yes they are going to be opening 20 - 30 in LA, they even have a "real estate department" for planning new locations at the pinkberry office(s)...so fear not any hounds, there will surely be a pinkberry comming soon (if not already) near YOU! ;)~

                      1. makes you wonder how sustainable their business plan is......

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                          I predict it will implode in about a year or two, once people have gotten over the hype/fad.

                          I still don't see what the big deal is. For what you pay for a Pinkberry, you can get a vastly more flavorful coffee bingsu with a dozen toppings.

                          Different strokes.

                          1. re: WBGuy

                            "I still don't see what the big deal is. For what you pay for a Pinkberry, you can get a vastly more flavorful coffee bingsu with a dozen toppings."

                            Uhh..recommendations please, with addresses :)

                            1. re: Normal Garciaparra

                              Well, this past weekend we introduced PayOrPlay Jr. to his first full-on bingsu extravaganza at the attractive cafe located in the corner (not in the food court) on the top floor of the Koreatown Galleria--I believe it's called Cafe Galleria. He picked the mango bingsu; it was delicious, mountainous, more than enough for all 3 of us, and cost about $6. Cynaburst, who has been trying out Pinkberry and various of its imitators around the westside for the last week, had no hesitation in pronouncing this randomly-selected bingsu infinitely tastier than anything she tried at Pinkberry.

                              I still haven't made it to a Pinkberry when the line was shorter than a Soviet-era bread line; Cynaburst reports that it's pretty good, but she thinks Big Chill's clone is almost as good, the tart "Italian yogurt" at Mondo Gelato on Pico might be better, and the "naked yogurt" in the Century City Shopping Center food court, at the stand attached to Coral Tree, is also good--in her opinion, all of them sufficiently close to Pinkberry.

                              What Pinkberry does have going for it, she says, are the rice cakes, which aren't generally available at the other (i.e. non-Korean) westside imitators.