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Nov 14, 2006 08:50 PM

Has anyone been to Ibiza or P'cheen in Atlanta?

A friend recommended both of these restaurants to me. I've heard Ibiza's scene is quite interesting - hookahs and pillows - but I don't know much about the food. I know even less about P'cheen. If anyone can suggest another funky, fun restaurant with superb food that's not too expensive, I'm all ears!

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  1. Ibiza has been getting some bad press over at the Atlanta Cuisine board lately and, IIRC, Cliff didn't give them the greatest review in Creative Loafing either. Too bad, because it sounds like it could be a fun concept.

    Funky fun, superb food, and inexpensive, huh? I'll have to think about it - nothing comes to mind. How old are your diners or, better yet, what is your idea of funky fun? I think Ibiza is pretty loud with the definite possibility of bad, drunken dancing at times. One man's funky fun is another's third circle of hell, it would seem.

    1. How about Loca Luna?
      Very good food (not superb), great atmosphere and always live music. Great for a group, not really for a date if you want to chat.

      1. I've been there several times before. It's an interesting place and food is soooo good!!

        1. I live in the apartments above P'Cheen and go there once every couple of weeks or so. They have a good selection of belgian and microbrew beers that you may have not tried before as well as all the standard stuff. The drinks aren't the cheapest in town but they aren't very expensive either

          The scene is pretty laid back. Most weekends there's a DJ with world/funk/groove type music. The music isn't usually too loud to converse over and rarely is there any dancing; mostly sitting around and talking. The crowd tends to be 25-35 and perhaps a little more, err should we say "refined" than the Virginia Highlands frat boy crowd and not as pretentious as the buckhead crowd.

          As for the food, the burger and fish and chips are always good. Other stuff seems hit or miss. Pommes frites and calamari are pretty good as well.