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Nov 14, 2006 08:33 PM

Thanksgiving pies on UWS?

In past years, I've gotten great pies on the UWS at the Mitchel London cafe at Fairway, or by trekking downtown to Bubby's. I'm willing to do the Bubby's schlep if I have to, but I'd prefer somewhere great in the nabe. Any suggestions? All I can come up with is Columbus Bakery, but I usually find their desserts leave something to be desired.

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  1. Ed Levine just blogged about pies on Thanksgiving:

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    1. re: souldawg

      thanks. that's helpful. i wouldn't have thought about soutine. and i had called the cafe at fairway earlier to see if i could order pies, and the person who answered said i couldn't. maybe i'll just stop in there and investigate myself.

    2. I'm not sure about their pie output, but look at:

      crumbs - 75th/amsterdam
      homemade bake shop - 78th-79th/amsterdam

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        thanks for the suggestions. I wish i was a fan of crumbs's cupcakes, then maybe i'd be persuaded to try a pie. i just read that ed levine post thanks to souldawg, and he really slammed homemade bake shop's pies. i will say that their cream cheese icing is excellent, and i love their chocolate pudding!