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Thanksgiving pies on UWS?

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In past years, I've gotten great pies on the UWS at the Mitchel London cafe at Fairway, or by trekking downtown to Bubby's. I'm willing to do the Bubby's schlep if I have to, but I'd prefer somewhere great in the nabe. Any suggestions? All I can come up with is Columbus Bakery, but I usually find their desserts leave something to be desired.

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  1. Ed Levine just blogged about pies on Thanksgiving:


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      thanks. that's helpful. i wouldn't have thought about soutine. and i had called the cafe at fairway earlier to see if i could order pies, and the person who answered said i couldn't. maybe i'll just stop in there and investigate myself.

    2. I'm not sure about their pie output, but look at:

      crumbs - 75th/amsterdam
      homemade bake shop - 78th-79th/amsterdam

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        thanks for the suggestions. I wish i was a fan of crumbs's cupcakes, then maybe i'd be persuaded to try a pie. i just read that ed levine post thanks to souldawg, and he really slammed homemade bake shop's pies. i will say that their cream cheese icing is excellent, and i love their chocolate pudding!