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Nov 14, 2006 08:32 PM

Walker Apples, Gratton & Drake's Bay Oysters in Sebastopol FM

We drove up to Walker Apples in Gratton, near Sebastopol and bought our usual $20 for 40 lbs of apples - we got a mix of Northern Spys, Pink Ladies, Romes and Arkansas Blacks. One could easily buy less, they're a $1.00/lb in the smallest quantity, but its a long way from the wilds of Hayward, so what the heck...

The apples are better this year than last, still crisp with good acid to balance the sweet, but they're juicier this year, especially the Arkansas Blacks. They're going to be open for another few weeks because all the crops were late this year, so you still have time to go. Early in the season, they have good Gravensteins. Here's the link to Walkers:

One other fun thing was that Drake's Bay Oysters, the successor to Johnsons, had a stand at the Sebastopol Sunday Farmers' Market in the Downtown Plaza. They were selling barbecued oysters for $2 each and quarts for $18 to $20, depending on the size, extra-smalls being the most expensive. The guy at the stand said that they also do the Santa Rosa Farmers' Market and said they are considering selling the Lunny Farms organic grass-fed beef too. The quart I bought became a 'peace maker' that night and it was great! The link to Drake's Bay Oysters:


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  1. Gee, the website says they are dry-farmed apples.

    Thanks for the rec for Walkers. I haven't been there yet and it seems to have more varieties of apples than the usual apple farms I stop by in that area. Do they sell anything besides apples like cider, jellies or baked goods?

    Does anyone know if they sell at famers markets?

    1. They only sell apples. I asked them why they don't sell cider. They told me that the refrigeration expenses made this too expensive for them. Its too bad, because they'd be able to get something for their efforts if they did. I don't believe that they sell at any farmers' markets.


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        Thanks will try to get up there. It says they grow 25 types of apples.

      2. We go up to Walker's every year. It's a nice funky experience. The apples are wonderful, and the best thing is, you can taste every kind before you buy. I've discovered a lot of unfamiliar varieties there, and the people are super nice!

        1. Drake's Bay new owner has made a big step up in quality over Johnson's. Hope he can save the business. The barbecued oysters I had this summer at the Santa Rosa stand were magnificent. They should be even better now that the weather has cooled down. Here's my report -