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Nov 14, 2006 08:10 PM

Charleston, SC vs Savannah, GA

My hubby and I are looking for a place to do a 4 day romantic mini-vacation (first one since the baby). We're coming from South FL and are looking at these 2 places. I've heard great things about both. I will tell you that a draw to Savannah for me is staying at the Mansion on Forsyth Park and doing their cooking classes as well as eating at The Lady and Sons. We're also interested in maybe a day's worth of historical stuff. Mainly, we want a nice place to stay (not necessarily a huge hotel, but we're not opposed to that)in a city that offers opportunities for romantic dinners and wine and food-related activities. Thanks!

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  1. I'm a northerner that loves both cities. I find Charleston far more diversfied than Savannah. There are some - at least from advertisemetns, reviews, and outside appearances - lovely B&Bs that you can search out on line. I usually rent a condo or house. I believe the restaurant selection is far better in Charelston - at every level. There are numerous threads to follow about the pros and cons of different restaurants. There is better shopping - if that is important - and better museums. My two cents. Either way you can't go wrong.

    1. Charleston, hands down.

      Lived in Savannah for a while, it ain't all that. Gorgeous place with very little going on besides sight-seeing. Semi-depressed economy, with much of the commerce taking place completely outside of the historic district (thank god for SCAD). River Street is an awful tourist trap. The food scene is better than mediocre, less than really good.

      Charleston is a rare jewel of a city, thouroughly old-school and civilized and historical, yet pretty metropolitan in certain ways. People actually live and work and shop in Charleston prpoer, so it's a vibrant atmosphere. It sorta makes me think it's the closest you can get to an old European city in America, other than Boston, maybe. Walking through the old streets and gawking at the houses is an amazing experience.Awesome food scene. It's worth it just to see that new bridge alone....

      1. I like both too.But I am more drawn to Savannah esp for a romance trip. If it were me I would do a couple of days in each city if you are driving.

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          And if you do Savannah, you could do a day on St. Simon's (about 45 minutes South of Savannah just off I-95).

        2. Thanks everybody for all your help. You've provided some interesting food for thought!

          1. They're really both beautiful cities.

            I think if I were driving from S Florida, I'd have lunch in Savannah..spend the afternooon..walk around the historic squares..and then head on to Charleston.. Beaufort is also a nice city that's on your route.