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Nov 14, 2006 08:03 PM

Thansgiving Day Buffet/Dinner for Two in East Bay?

Not looking to spend a fortune, but a traditional style Thanksgiving day spread either at a hotel or restaurant. Y'alls help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. A good place to start is at Open Table:

    where they list a number of restaurants in the Bay Area that are open for Thanksgiving along with a description of what they're serving, price, etc.

    1. If I were going out, I'd choose Eccolo:

      OpenTable has a special Thanksgiving page, but almost all the other East Bay choices are corporate / hotel-type places.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I would go to Eccolo as well, though it may be beyond the OP's price range.

        C'era Una Volta also looks like it's worth considering. It's a late luncheon, not a dinner, but the price point is much lower than Eccolo. I haven't been to C'era, but I've heard good things, and it's sure to be a far better meal than most of the corporate dreck.

        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          The only thing is that neither is a buffet. Really, hotels need to bring back the holiday buffet.

          Eh, one more Faz in Pleasanton if that's the part of the EB the OP is from. $31.95. From the Mercury-News article about holiday eats in the Bay Area.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            The food at C'Era Una Volta is good. Friendly place. Nice that they're doing it midday so that the employees can spend the evening with their families.


        2. Where in the East Bay? How much is not a fortune? What price are you looking for?

          The only buffet that OpenTable lists in the East Bay is Jordan's at the Clairmont for $79 ... and I've never seen a positive mention of it on the board.

          If you are talking super cheap, there's Hometown Buffets with the price about $20. It is ok buffet food and the ambiance is sort of Sizzler.

          Moving up the ladder is HS Lordship. Really, if anyone has actually eaten at this place on the holidays please chime in ... otherwise ... Great view ... but SPECIFY a view as there are non view rooms. It usually runs about $40 and I was going to take the family for Christmas last year when plans changed. I stopped by to scope out one Sunday buffet which looked as good as a buffet is going to look. Some of the custuomers waiting to be seated said it was good. The place doesn't get more than a 'meh' on Chowhound, but I still might try it someday.

          There's another hotel restauarant in the Berkeleey marinna ... not Skates... that does a holiday buffet usually. I thought it was average but the family enjoyed it. Usually runs about $30.

          Probably more than you want to spend, but FYI, at the Doubtree in Berkeley Horblower is having a $95 buffet cruise

          Don't know of other buffets. Most of it is prix-fixe stuff.

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          1. re: rworange

            My office often holds its holiday party at Hs. Lordships. It can be OK if you order carefully and to your taste. I avoid the seafood as it is watery and, I assume, frozen. I found the turkey to be dry. I did like the end pieces of the roast beef and a veal stew once. The made-to-order omelet and pasta station is fun, but they don't have bacon. I wouldn't make a special effort to go there, but you won't starve. There are worse fates than Hs. Lordship's

            1. re: chocolatetartguy

              Hs Lordship's weekend buffet is about the equivalent of an average Vegas buffet (I'd equate it to the one at the Mirage, which isn't held in the same regard as Bellagio, Wynn or even Spice Market @ Aladdin or the one at Paris). It's not overpriced for the variety and quality, but neither is it a good deal or a destination type of experience. The view is nice if you're seated at a window table, but as the weather grows cooler and more moist, the windows have a tendency of fogging up which results in the need to wipe them down once in awhile.

              Selection is straightforward weekend buffet style, with omelette station, pasta station, chilled seafood and chafing dishes full of mediocre to OK entree selections. There's something for everyone so you won't leave hungry and unsatisfied, but it's not going to be anyone's idea of an experience you'd want to repeat over and over again.

          2. Hometown Buffet usually open during Thanksgiving; price-wise probably around 13-15? They do serve turkey that day if that's what you looking for. :)