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Sweet Potato Pancake Toppings

I am making sweet potato pancakes to serve as an appetizer. Would love some ideas for a topping. Thanks!

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  1. I think you can still go with the standard potato pancake toppings of applesauce and sour cream - that is what I have done in the past with sweet potato pancakes

    1. creme fraiche and minced scallion
      pickled jalepeƱos
      sour cream and smoked paprika
      roasted tomatillo salsa
      goat cheese and carmelized leeks
      greek yogurt and ground sumac

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      1. There was a recipe on epicurious using creme fraiche and caviar.

        The site is currently down so I can't post it right now.

        1. Crumbled bleu cheese might be nice.

          1. PECANS!!!!!

            I always put pumpkin pie spice and chopped pecans, along with butter and sometimes creme fraiche, on top of baked sweet potatoes. I would imagine they would work with the pancakes too!

            1. Definitely a mix of sour cream and sugar - mix it up so it gets a bit runny (you can always add milk to thin out), then top with some maple pecans.

              1. Greek yogurt and cranberry sauce/chutney.
                Cilantro raita.
                Spicy peanut sauce.

                1. i would go with the above rec's that include goat cheese, yoghurt, sour cream - because the tang helps in offsetting the sweetness and giving the pancakes some punch. caramelized onions and bacon and cheddar are all nice savory complements to sweet potatoes. why not add caram.onions and bacon to your potato mixture and top w/ mixt of sour cream and ch. chives?...

                  1. Try topping them with wasabi creme fraiche, and a touch of caviar.

                    I had them last year at a Latke/Vodka party inspired by a Food & Wine magazine article. I don't like wasabi, but they were delicious!

                    1. I have made sweet potato latkes with curry spices mixed in and served them with chutney on the side.

                      1. A mixture of silk milk ricotta (its lighter) and lemon zest spread on each pancake and rolled is delicious.