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Nov 14, 2006 07:46 PM


Does anybody know if I can find Malasadas in Toronto? Someone had told me that a portuguese bakery on Dundas or College had them, but not sure who told me that, and where the bakery was. If you don't know, they're portuguese sugar donuts, that are stuffed with different fillings or plain. There's a lot of discussion on boards discussing Hawaii, but not much here. I'm craving.

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  1. Never knew what they were called, but I've bought the most incredible doughnuts at Girassol Bakery. 191 Geary Ave.(416) 537-2993, in the Dufferin and Dupont area.

    The ones stuffed with custard are out of this world!

      1. re: GeoNit

        tried it at Caldense and it was okay, and they only offered the lemon filling. They only had a few there as I guess there's not much demand for them. I was really craving chocolate.

      2. ha ha! i finally figured out the name for the things that i love so much.

        go to the brazilian bakery at dundas west and brock. they're the only malasadas dois i've had but when you can get them fresh they're brilliant and lemony. no filling.