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bring your own wine

Which restaurants can you bring your own wine? Excluding the valley?

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  1. The new "AOC LITE" Cube almost drags to the wine shop themselves inorder for you to bring wine to their place... :)


    1. Girasole on Larchmont.

      One of LA's best values, Café Bizou in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena charges only $2 for corckage

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        I second Girasole Italian restaurant in Hollywood. It's a small place!

      2. La Bottega in Larchmont has no corkage.

        1. Virtually every restaurant in LA has BYO - of course they charge - anywhere from $2-$50 per bottle.

          Restaurants that don't allow BYO are:

          The Ivy's
          Il Botte



          1. and Lou - he doesn't allow BYO - but why would he?

            1. i guess i should clarify- restaurants that don't serve their own wine and that you are encouraged to bring your own.

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                You mean they don't have a liquor license? Then its against the ABC laws....you can't BYO.

              2. Last month I went to a wine bar, Tasca, which is just down the street from AOC (on the west side of Crescent Heights) and they allowed you to byo with no corkage fee. I don't know if the situation is the same now since they may have gotten their license by now.


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                  Corkage fee or not its against the law in the State of California to allow BYO if they don't have a license. They're lucky they got their license if that's what they allowed.


                2. cobras and matadors. on beverly (at crescent heights-ish). there is a wine shop next door that they work closely with, but you can bring a bottle from wherever and they will cheerfully cork it with no fee.

                  also alejo's in marina del rey -- on lincoln at washington. very casual, huge portions of pasta, strip mall goodness.

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                    Cobras and Matadors is a great place. The wine shop next door is owned by the same guy, and he uses it as a way to circumvent LA's liquor license regulations. Just buy the beer and wine next door and bring it over to your table. Often times they don't even ask; they see a bottle, assume it's from next door and briskly will leave behind a corkscrew at your table.

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                      it's beverly at stanley - hope that helps!

                      1. I like the liquor arrangement at Cobras and Matadors, but I haven't been impressed at all with their food.

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                          The only dish from Cobras and Matadors that I didn't like was the octopus; and I think it had more to do with the ingredient rather than the preparation. But other than that, I've always liked C&M and I always take guests there as sort of a changeup to the usual restaurant routine.

                        2. Here's a link to a long list of restaurant corkage fees in LA/OC:


                          It ranges from 0 to "Don't you dare bring your own damn wine in here."- $35 at Valentino, & I think Cut also.

                          My favorite is Bistro K in South Pasadena- no corkage fee, no limit. That combined w/ the great value for the excellent high end French food makes eating & drinking there a very good deal.