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Nov 14, 2006 07:35 PM

Rival Electric Roaster

For health reasons I won't be able to use the gase oven at my parents' home for cooking the bird on Thanksgiving. I thought about bbq'ing the turkey in the Weber, which I've done before with great tasty results. For various reasons I thought it would be easier to simply use an electric roaster. Snapped one up over the weekend and did a trial run with a chicken. Turned out great, no crispy skin though (not that I'd eat that!). I wonder if anyone has thoughts about this electrical device....I think they're pretty old-fashioned. My has a nice retro look to it. Any thoughts?

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  1. My mother had one of these and would use it to cook the bird if we were hosting a crowd. No crispy skin, but very moist flesh, as the bird actually steams rather than roasts.

    1. Bought a large Toastmaster brand a few years ago after our 1980 Jenn-Air electric range died. Did Thanksgiving turkeys three times due to disagreement about what to replace the dead Jenn-Air with. (BTW, I won that one. SO wanted all electric. We got a dual fuel Dacor. SO loves the gas top now.) I always wanted to try to crisp up the skin with a blow torch but never tried it. The birds always came out tender and moist. I rather like the retro look, too.

      1. i just bought a rival roaster last weekend also. i will test it out tomorrow, preparing for thanksgiving turkey. i wondered about the crispness of the skin. the manual included suggests reducing temperature and increasing cooking time to produce a browner, crispier crust. from your posts, i won't get my hopes up. i'm hoping to make gravy from the pan juices. i'm assuming i can do this in the roaster, just like i would on the stove top from an oven roasted turkey. any advice or suggestions?

        1. T Day is here. I'm concerned about the crisp skin too. I'll let y'all know how it works out.
          We'll try gravy in the roaster too. Oh boy. I love experimenting when there are 12 people for dinner!

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            I got one last year and to get the crispy top I just stuck my turkey in the oven for the last 1/2 hour and it was great! Now, My question is that I lost my manual for this year. I have two pans in my roaster oven and can someone tell me if there is an online manual for the Rival roaster oven or if I put the turkey right on the bottom pan or if I put water and then the 2nd pan orrrr if that was for the veggies??