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Nov 14, 2006 07:17 PM

Place for Lobster

in either Brooklyn or Manhattan? thanks!!!

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  1. I'd say pearl oyster bar. But then depends on how you like your lobster. I like a nice lobster roll, and Pearl has the best, IMHO.

    1. are you looking for a sit down restaurant, takeout or what?

      the lobster place, a seafood retailer in chelsea market [8th ave between 15th & 16th st] has great lobster rolls and will cook lobsters for takeout.

      1. Centro Vasco on 23 street been going there for years any size you want they got them

        1. palm 3, on 50th & 8th. they have a lobster special - $130 for a 6lb lobster, caeser salad for the table, & 3 sides

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            def centro vasco on 23rd a lot of different sizes available