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Nov 14, 2006 07:11 PM

Pizza / Subs in Lancaster area?

I am in the Lancaster area (actually, just east of the city proper, between the two factory outlets) for a few days each year, and am wondering if anybody can recommend a non-chain pizza or meatball sub (hero, grinder, whatever) place in, or close to, the city.

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  1. Most of the good places I know are in the city proper, near Franklin & Marshall College. For pizza, try the spaghetti pie at My Place on Harrisburg Pike (across from Wendy's). Another good pizza shop is Dominion Pizza on Columbia Avenue.

    Can't say I've had a meatball sandwich at either, but you may find one at Thomas's Campus Deli, also on Harrisburg Pike. Great cheesesteaks and fresh-cut fries too.

    The best way to get to this area from the outlets is to take 30 W to the Park City exit. Then left on Harrisburg Pike away from the mall.

    I've never been there, but you may also want to try Your Place, which is just west of the Tanger Outlets on Route 30.