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Nov 14, 2006 07:04 PM

Exploding glassware?

Has anybody here had a glass cooking/baking dish shatter or "explode" (through no fault of your own!)?

I'm researching possible defects in glass cookware -- there seems to be a huge increase in such complaints! Thanks.

P.S. BONUS POINTS if you live in or around Chicago!!!

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  1. Was it hot? Did you put it down on a cold granite counter?
    Could be a rapid temperature change.

    1. I've done it but it was my fault. If you ever want to see glass shards all over the place, and I mean itsy bitsy pieces EVERYWHERE, try it yourself. Mine was the fault of rapid temperature change. I pulled it from a very hot oven and went outside on a chilly night (party snacks). It actually had bruschetta in it, so it was a dry hot pan and I lazily placed it on cold, wet ground when the bread was transfered to an already in use platter. POP!

      1. We just had a glass pyrex baking dish shatter in the drawer below our oven. Stacked inside the dish was a smaller glass version of the dish which remained intact. I believe the dish broke due to the impact between the two dishes...potentially if the drawer was pulled out too far and hit the floor. Not in Chicago.

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          This happened about 6 weeks ago: My girlfriend removed a Pyrex baking dish from the oven after heating up some biscuits -- the thing just shattered when she set it down on the range top. That type of temperature change *should* be completely normal. I was just relieved she wasn't hurt by the exploding glass shards....

        2. You need to be careful with older pyrex that has been used a lot. The glass develops fatigue and is prone too shattering. I know some people have pieces that belonged to their grandmothers and are still going strong. Maybe someo of the formulation has been "improved" so they can sell more of the stuff but shattering is not as uncommon as you think.

          1. Had that happen a couple of months ago. Had green glass plates (about 5 years old). Took it out of the cupboard, put my dinner on it (polish sausage and pototoes) and BAM - the plate complete disengrated. It wasn't even shards of glass mostly - just little balls like a windshield/glass explosion. Never happened before or after and I have no reason why. I don't have a dishwasher and I put hot stuff on them before.

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              That is so weird! lbs, I'd love to talk to you about this. Will you E-mail me your contact info (I'll tell you what I'm researching and why we're so interested!)? Thanks!

              v-dowdle [at] northwestern [dot] edu

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                About a year ago I had a bowl just shatter when I touched it. There were four nested bowls - arcoroc, I think - & when I just touched the bowls, just one (the second one in) totally shattered. At the time I thought maybe the previous week's smallish earthquake (around 4.0) was to blame. I wonder why just the one bowl and nothing else?