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Nov 14, 2006 06:53 PM

Cooking classes under $60 pp for 4 people?

I'm looking for a cooking class (really no preference for cuisine but no 'healthy cooking') for 4 people to take. I've personally taken classes at the Institute for Culinary Education and loved them, but the $100 is a bit steep for us. I know New School is also in that price range. Anyone know of great individuals, smaller studio-like cooking places where we can take a class? It doesn't have to be private at all - but we certainly can't accomodate a chef/teacher coming to our place because our kitchen isn't big enough.


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  1. Try hunting on craigslist, under classes. There are usually people that list classes they run in smaller settings, like their apartments, etc. I just scanned quickly and saw one french cooking class for 60 dollars a person...

    1. I went to a cooking class at Suenos and had a great time. The chef, Sue Torres, teaches everyone how to make different Mexican dishes. There is a list of the classes on the link below, and they are $50 per person.