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Nov 14, 2006 06:50 PM

Ramenya, In West LA on Olympic, just west of Sawtelle (short review)

A short review, because it was a short (but very satisfying) meal.

Walked in to Ramenya about 6:45pm last night and sat at the last remaining table. The menus were already at our table.

What we saw at other tables were huge bowls of ramen and soup, and people either eating or smiling between bites.

The waitress came over in about 20 seconds with barley tea, and askesd if we were ready. It didn't seem rude, just that she was used to people knowing what they wanted.

I ordered Ramen in spicy egg drop soup with ground pork and green onion. My SO oredered ramen in clear broth with sliced roast pork and kimchi, to which she added hard boiled egg. We ordered a side of potstickers as well.

The soups were at our table in less than five minutes, and the potstickers three minutes after that. Super speedy...but what about the taste?

Well, I am happy to say that this was maybe the best ramen I've ever had. Both bowls were absolutely delicious, and the kimchi in her's was so tasty that we ordered another side dish of it and promptly devoured it.

The potstickers didn't seem homemade...I wouldn't order them again, but the ramen was SO amazing that I may go back again tonight.

Two people, two bowls of ramen, egg add-on, side postickers, side kimchi, two barley tea: $22. What a deal! If the food was half as good, it would still be a bargain...And we were fed and out the door in under 45 minutes!

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  1. I went there for the first time last week...loved it. i like how they give you iced tea instead of water.

    1. I've always preferred this place to the nearby Asahi Ramen on Sawtelle that always has a crowd waiting to be seated. But Chabuya is a good contender now that it has toned down the salt in its broth.

      My favorites at Ramen-ya are the garlic ramen and Tan-tan noodle which you mention. The gyoza and other sides there are done better elsewhere.

      1. Ramenya is my favorite ramen place in LA! I love the shrimp omlette ramen and the negi ramen best there. Their pork and pickled veggie was good too but "stinky" to some people's noses. I don't really like their gyoza but always ordered it because the ex liked it so much (lots of cabbage- which he liked).

        1. I think that the broths are especially good here. I love the garlic aji ramen, and the mabo ramen is really good too.