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Nov 14, 2006 06:45 PM

No-Knead bread additions and toast??

I was wondering how many of you added something to your no-knead bread and what the results were. I added sesame seeds-very subtle when bread was fresh,(mixture of 1/2 organic wheat flour to 1/2 a.p. flour) but flavor really came thru when I toasted the bread this morning. The toast, btw was terrific. Any favs so far????

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  1. Did you add the sesame seeds straight to the dry ingredients, and how much did you add?

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    1. re: the donut

      Yes, I added them striaght to the dry ingredients and about 2 T., but could have added more. Next time I will toast the seeds, but this time I was afraid they would burn with the baking at such a high temp.

    2. I am going to experiment with homemade raisins and cured olives tonight. I will let you know what happens.

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      1. re: ghbrooklyn

        Please do, those are 2 ing. I'd like to try also. I love olive bread and I may also try asiago. Wonder if the high temp would burn the cheese?

      2. There is also a thread about "variations" on the no-knead bread. I'll be waiting to hear how the olives and raisins do. If you go to a blog called The Wednesday Chef, there is a comment by someone who added cheese and so forth.