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Nov 14, 2006 06:39 PM

Steak Cooked Tableside in NYC?

Strange Request:

I have a friend from London coming into town this week and he has a strange fixation with visiting a restaurant that "cooks steak at the table." Something about an article he had read in London....I've been to all the Temples of Flesh in NYC and its environs as well as a ton of Korean places and the dreaded Benihana which could fit the bill. Alas, none are what he has in mind. This is a guy who is a Serious Diner, so I'm sure he read something of the sort in an uspcale British publication. He travels a lot and can't figure out where he saw this.

Any clues?


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  1. You are looking for a restaurant that will cook steak Diane a la minute. I don't know if anyone does this still. Good luck with the search.

    1. You're not going to find it at a currently fashionable restaurant here, but one of the old theater district French places might still conceivably have it tucked into a corner of the menu. Whether they do a good job or not, though, would be an open question.

      1. Yes, it sounds like Steak Diane. I haven't seen it on a menu, but if you wanted to call and request the dish, I think your best bet would be Le Perigord.

        1. Henry's End in Brooklyn serves Steak Diane....