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Nov 14, 2006 06:36 PM

Central Square Lunch Spot?

I am being taken out to lunch tomorrow, my choice. Any suggestions? Not too pricey, we work in community health!


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  1. central square is tough for lunch, i think. generally, if i'm eating in central, i go to mariposa but it's a cafe (not a restaurant). i also like miracle of science a lot- i'm not sure how crowded it gets during the day.

    1. Hit Baraka Cafe for some delicious Algerian-Tunisian. NB cash only.

      1. Miracle of Science - burgers, salads, etc.
        Middle East Middle Eastern
        Baraka Cafe Tunisian/No African
        Mary Chung (not sure open for lunch)

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        1. How large a group and is a loud environment ok? If its fairly small, Izzy's at the corner of Harvard is excellent but its far from a sit-down environment.

          I have always enjoyed the Plough and Stars for lunch, but haven't been for food since it reopened (its on the list). Miracle is a good suggestion and better than Asgard or Phoenix Landing.

          Rangzen Tibetan is decent, the Middle East is a bit hit or miss but satisfying.

          Mary Chung's is a decent option too (there is one dish at Royal East of dry fried noodles that I greatly prefer, but most of their lunch specials are fairly lame americanized).

          A lot of Indian restaurants have opened since I have last eaten in Central, maybe India Pavilion if its still decent, but hopefully someone has more recent input.

          1. Shalimar has a rather good lunch buffet for 7$