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Are you making a specialty food? Tell us about it

Ethnic Food day

HBOO Nov 14, 2006 06:19 PM

Friends and I are hoping to celebrate the selection of food available in Toronto. We are students so budget is an issue, but we are looking for authentic, interesting, tasty suggestions. While I know this topic has been mentioned on other posts, I was hoping for a more ethnic focus in this post.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

  1. kerwintoronto Nov 14, 2006 06:30 PM

    Just throwing out some thoughts...

    Yung Sing Bakery on Baldwin downtown...reasonably priced atmosphere laden chinese bakeries. If you choose a nice fall afternoon it can still be pleasant to sit at their bench outsite with friends talking and munching. Very old school Chinese bakery.

    Indian lunch buffet on Gerrard East. I don't have a specific fave but we just usually just wing it. There are other threads...I'd search under indian buffet and see what comes up. That and a stroll along G.East give a very fun and immersive experience.

    Pacific Mall...getting bubble tea and tea shop snacks. Never really do this but looks fun and cheap.

    1. Leslieville Nov 14, 2006 07:50 PM

      How about Kensington Market? You'll have lots of choices there. You can try Vietnamese, Chinese, Latin American and probably West Indian all within a few short blocks. Lots of street food, and quite cheap.

      1. xtal Nov 14, 2006 07:52 PM

        Sounds like a great idea. Here are some suggestions:

        Rashnaa (Wellesley & Parliament)

        Mother's Dumplings (Dundas & Huron

        Chinese Traditional Buns (Spadina & Dundas


        Swatow (Spadina & Dundas)

        Ethiopian House (Yonge & Wellesley)

        Kensington Market for jerk chicken, patties, empanadas, falafels, etc. etc.

        1. a
          Atahualpa Nov 14, 2006 07:56 PM

          Mother's Dumplings on Huron just north of Dundas. They have fantastic dumplings, excellent green onion pancake and good (not great) Da Lu noodles. The service is friendly if slow. The atmosphere is really very nice -- much better than one would expect for a basement locale -- nice clean china -- reasonably cright space. They have a web page with prices. We3 found it quite cheap. http://www.mothersdumplings.com/index... .

          Traditional Chinese Buns on Dundas just west of Spadina in a basement. Much more 'challenging' an environment. Expect broken plates and plastic cutlery. Fairly depressing decor. But, excellent, cheap, northern chinese fare (plus some shanghaiese). Excellent Dan Dan noodles, unbeleiveably good jellied bean curd with salty, hot, and sour sauces. Good soup buns and other buns. Unfathomably cheap and very good.

          I'd second Yung Sing on Baldwin. The curried beef bun is great. The shrimp rolls and the seafood bundles are both very good. Sometimes the fried item can get greasy if they have sat. Coming when they are busy is best -- try for the lunch rush. Or, ask about what is hotest/freshest. Take-away only (as said above).

          How about some pho? For street-watching and pleasant atmosphere try Pho Hung on Spadina at St. Andrews. For better pho try Xue Lua south of dundas on the west side or head to East China-town on Gerrard at Broadview and go to Que Ling. For north Vietnamese but not pho, try Hanoi 3 Seasons also on gerard. For grilled meats and bun try Mimi down the street. All of the above with fill you with pho for $5-6.

          What about a mekong sub? For great Bahn Mi try Nguyen Houng on Spadina north of Dundas. Better than the neighbouring Che Cali and Rose's over on Broadview (although, Rose's is worth having is you're in the area). $1.50 is the going rate for a plain and simple Bahn Mi extras might cost you.

          What about taking home some frozen pierogi home to boil up? Get some to go from Brenna's on Roncesvalles. The meat and the Cheddar are my personal faves. I think it was something rediculously cheap like $8 for a bag of 30? Not 100% on that though.

          Randy's patties on Eglinton at Oakwood are cheap and great. If you have only had mass produces mediocre patties, you owe it to yourself to have a Randy's (or one from Allan's in the peanut plaza -- Don Mill's north of sheppard). Patty King on Baldwin is passable -- but nowhere near as good as the above mentioned two. But, Patty King does make a great Trinidadian Double (fried dough with chick pea curry -- much better than it sounds).

          While you are in Kensington, stop in at Akram's Falafel for a falafel or shwarma or other middle-eastern fare. 2.50 for a fantastic falafel to go. They are currently building a new addition to finally have some seating area.

          Alright, that's all for now.

          If I was planning a day, I would sleep in a little and start with a Bahn Mi from Nguyen Huong at about 11. I'd then wander through Kensignton and Tap Phong and buy some neat stuff and ingredients. Maybe grab some fruit. I'd then saunter over to Mother's Dumplings about 3-4 and have Beef and Chive dumplings, green onion pancake and try one new thing as well. Then I'd walk over to McCaul and browse through Second Vinyl for some used classical CDs and then peruse the shops along Queen and buy a magazine or two over near Spadina and then stroll up Spadina to Pho Hung for a bite around 8-9. Then catch the subway and head to Vollo (on Yonge north of Wellesley at Dundonald) for a nice pint to end the night.

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